Trying my hand at blogging!

Hola amigos!

Well I’ve never blogged before, and I keep reminding myself not to just type what I think as I think it (usually the way, and fine in a journal but maaaybe not so great on a public blog!) so bear with me and warning – most of it is going to be waffle but I’ll try to keep it interesting and if you get bored, stop reading!

So. Er. Let’s date shall we.

Today is Wed 15th August 2012, about 3.50pm and I’m currently at my great aunt and uncle’s beautiful casa in Jaraveltran, about 35km outside of Madrid. After lugging a 21kg case and a little hand luggage one round the airport, around the tube (very very clean over here, lovely) and then finally up some steps into the big bright streets of Espana (all with my fucked up rib, excuse the lingo) I was KNACKERED when I arrived. But alas, I arrived to a table on the terrace full of gorgeous food, meat and bread and chorizo and russian salad – mm mm! Drank about 4 gallons of aqua and then collapsed into a sweaty siesta, with 2 of the 4 whippets spooning me.  Not weird. Sweet.  Woke up in the evening to Skype mi papa y Katie and then supper then bed again – perfect first day in my book! Had cooled down considerably by this point. Only about 27degrees at midnight.

Today I woke up to the dogs going bonkers at all the other dogs in the area – it’s mental, twilight bark my arse this is all-day bark. It’s quite amusing listening to them talk to each other across the way.  Got up, had some yummy cereal (I told you – I WILL type as I think aka waffle) and after preparing la comida Mariloli (great aunt) and I went to Valdemorillo, the local village. Very sweet and very Spanish – me gusta.  I bought some shampoo (relevant), she bought some bread and eggs (much more important) and we had a little walk and a quick drink – not alcoholic yet as unlike when I’m with mi abuela we were driving so I did not fancy downing a whole bottle de cidre on my own… not just yet.  So we came back and had the usual and scrumptious beans, potatoes and meat and chorizo and bread and wine. I’m going to get so fat here.

Successfully just topped up my Travelex card for La Alberca and am preparing my (small) case for tomorrow to meet up with my group for the week teaching/socialising in luxury – that is AFTER I meet up with the friend Kate and I made in Ireland! Brilliant work being in the same country at the same time.

So for now I will finish my first blog, no doubt I’ll be editing and correcting mistakes as I discover new things on here. Cheers Al for suggesting it!

Oh yeah and did I mention it’s beautiful and very hot here? 😉

Hasta luego amigos!

– currentlybreathinginvicks


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