Living in luxury!

Ok so this is being sent from my phone with very hit and miss wifi so it will be very short!

I am currently in La Alberca with this amazing company, teaching a great bunch of Spaniards english. This place is amazing. Absolute luxury. 3 course meals, gorgeous villa I’m sharing with a lovely spanish girl, perfect weather, (38 with just the right breeze) and just having a fantastic time with all the guys here. Made good friends with some of the Anglos already and the Spaniards are becoming great contacts!

So I’m currently on siesta time – am feeling fresh today as stupidly had a huge night out on Thursday with guys from the hostel I was at in Madrid – I tell you, getting in at 4am, up at 8am and on a bus journey talking to a Spaniard for 5 hours is NOT fun. But you know what, I guess it was – I am loving every moment of this. Even the near-vom moment when the bus driver delighted us with a great swerve round a hairy bend. Brilliant.

This is the end of the short blog, and I can’t publish much about the job I’m doing here – wow how cool does that sound – but basically I’m having a great time, eating fantastic food and meeting very cool people. And got my own luxury bathroom.

Will not be blogging every siesta time, this one is a treat, siesta time is siesta time after all! So for now – hasta luego amigos!

Oo oo I found the computer in the bar! So yeah this place is one hell of  a place.  I´m seriously lucky to be here and not be paying a penny.  Funny – every single world I´m typing right now is being underlined red as the spanish computer says no. Ha. Anyway, so yeah it´s so hot here but because of the breeze it is perfect. The pool is gorgeous (not used it yet as we have a very tight schedule here) and I´ve not even taken many photos (I know, shocking right) but I intend to explore the grounds fully. There´s a bloody castle up the road – that´s the actual resort, on this programme we have our own villas.  I can´t describe how beautiful it is here. We get taken out on Tuesday to the village of La Alberca (day after our big party night on Monday, TEQUILA! – sorry force of habit already, our MC is bonkers) and everyone says it´s so pretty so that will be nice.

I´m not bored of talking yet. The whole group is very well mixed – old, young, men, women and from all different walks of life and areas.  Aussies, Canadians, Irish, Amercian, English – it´s all good.  And very powerful power showers. It´s important in this heat no?

So now I better take the rest of my siesta outside… tough times.

Hasta luego amigos!

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Update on Wed 22 August

Ok so now I have a dilemma (not much of one really) … I´ve been offered the possibility of staying on here for another week! YAY! Options are stay in Madrid at my aunts and spend money without making any, or stay in this gorgeous place and meet another 50 people, not making any money but not spending a penny… hmm. I´m chuffed!  It´s so gorgeous here. I´ve made so many friends – all the Canadians and Aussies and Americans are great and the Spaniards? Well obviously I love them.  So many different personalities but I think last night/today has been the turning point for most of them and they are now thinking in English as opposed to thinking in Spanish and having to translate and then speak – it really is genuinely satisfying to see. And to think I´m helping with this process. Would be good to be a veteran and know the cheeky surprises that happen along the way too here at Pueblo Ingles – loving it.

So a few people have gone to play basketball but I think I´m going do the spanish thing and have an actual siesta! Last night was the best nights sleep as we had the party the night before and no one got to bed before 4. You may think that´s no big deal but when you are back up at 8am it is hard. You cannot skive here. You cannot slack. You work. Although for us Anglos it´s talking all day every day, it is work. And it´s 8am non stop all the way (except for 1.5hrs of siesta and meals) until midnight AT THE EARLIEST. Honest. It´s hard. My voice is completely different to when I came here. My lips are constantly dry. Water is AMAZING. But I recommend it to anyone. It´s fantastic.

I realise I am doing some serious waffling now so I will go.  I don´t think I´ll join the basketball game as I have already had 3 hours of sun this morning so it is time for some AC. Shame the wifi doesn´t quite reach my villa. Yeah that´s right, my villa. Ha.



Devastating update at 11.51am –  Dammit, they want me but can´t have me 😦 Ah well, back to the gorgeous home of my auntie in Valdemorillo! Hakuna matata!

4.56pm ok LAST bloody update – I AM STAYING! An extra week in this beautiful place.

Sooooo it is currently 3pm exactly Fri 24th Aug and I have just waved goodbye to a busful of 49 great people. I have met the most diverse, interesting, lovely, welcoming bunch of folk in the last 8 days. Canadians, Americans, Brazilian, Irish, other Brits and of course Spanish. I genuinely have had an amazing time here.  You cannot describe what it is like to work for Pueblo Ingles in this place – you are literally in luxury all the time and I am extremely lucky because the group I was part of were so fantastic.  We bonded pretty much immediately, there were no little groups taking themselves off, no one was excluded, all ages and genders mixed and you could just walk upto any one of them or interrupt a group chatting and feel totally at ease with every single one of them. We had a graduation this morning and it was AWFUL. So emotional. Everyone does the whole I-will-not-cry thing but there was not a dry eye in the house. When one of the lovely Canadians, David, said his thanks he literally could not get a word out, he really was trying but he couldn´t make a sound! Made everyone cry!

So right now I´m sitting at the pc in the bar with my new group behind me in the dining room eating their lunch. I had lunch with my group and then waved them off and now am lucky enough to have a 2.5hr siesta to collect my thoughts before starting the whole thing over again with  49 new randomers! Aii!

I think I am turning spanish as I seek the shade now, not the sun!


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