Post Pueblo Ingles

So I have finished my looong two amazing weeks in La Alberca for Pueblo Ingles.  I loved every minute of it and felt like it was my home by the end! I am now back in Madrid just for today at my aunts lovely house – we have just been to El Escorial, the local touristic town at the foot of picturesque mountains (they’re nicknamed ‘dead woman’ as they look like a woman lying on her back, not sure why she has to be dead but there you go!). We had a nice little wander and couldn’t resist a cheeky tapa, patatas y mostos, and also walked around the very pretty monastery.  Came back here to the house for la comida, green beans, potatoes y lomo con pimientos… YUM. One thing I might not miss from PI is the unlimited red wine.  Yikes. I thought I didn’t drink red wine but apparently I do.

So the next stop is San Sebastian yay!!!! A few girls from PI are going to be there at the same time so will definitely be hooking up with them on Monday. Only took about 4 hours this morning to arrange my transport.  Am getting a lift to Escorial, then a train to Chamartin in Madrid where I get on another train for a mere 7h45m to San Sebastian. Jeez. Going to be a long day! Then with the Nana for a day then Tuesday the bus to Bilbao where my adopted mother will pick me up and take me to my new home.  I’m very much looking forward to stopping and relaxing to be honest! Having a base will be nice. A home.

So for now I am sorting through the few (743) photos I have taken over the last 15 days and then to have a late siesta before phoning one of my Spaniards from my first group. The trick is for the Spaniards to obviously keep up their English via whatever method they can, and this lovely lovely guy wants to chat on the phone every now and then. Need to get a Spanish sim asap I think!

Hasta luego amigos, I hope anyone who reads this is well and happy


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