Estoy en Bilbao!

Well I have reached my final destination! Welcome to Getxo, Bilbao.  I’m told the area I’m in (Las Arenas) is quite well off and upper class – nice! I have yet to explore. Last night I was picked up from the bus station by Ana, Manol and 9yr old daughter Ines, went to pick up the 6yr old daughter Sofia and then straight to Ana’s mother’s house – which was nice  – I guess it’s my turn for total immersion! But the kids are amazing, little translators!

I’m not sure what the plan for today is but I woke up and was showered and ready for 9 just in case – I just don’t know what to expect! Ana works mostly at home and I think Manol out in the office in Bilbao, but he is only just up now at half 10… unless he left before I woke up, which is possible… ah I’ll find out.  Anyway, my room is nice, used to be the nursery and faces inwards so very dark but it’ll always be a surprise what the weather is aye! I’ve unpacked and put up photos and my calender (got to make it feel like home aye) which made me feel better, although I can’t find my hsbc online banking calculator thing… hmm.. Waffling, sorry!

So I have a little lamp in my room that is bright red which I thought was cool, but when it’s on it’s like a dark room in here, which is quite entertaining. Must look good from the window ha.  The flat is lovely, huge actually. Massive living room, nice kitchen/diner, girls share a huge room, parents have a big bedroom with en-suite and the girls also have a big playroom – makes me feel like a kid again! I’ve been given house keys which I need to figure out and been told to help myself to food etc. Will take a while to feel comfortable diving into the fridge whenever I please!  Had a nice breakfast with Ana this morning, one on one conversation was much easier, she slowed it down a bit for me. I regret giving away my spanish books bigtime! I know what my first purchase here will be!

So everything’s fine for now, the girls go back to school on Monday so I’ve got a good few days to settle in with them. Wish me luck!



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