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Soooo sorry! Been totally neglecting this blogging business… just haven’t had the time… ok that’s a total lie, I just haven’t thought about it. And then the usual, ah crap I’ve left it for so long there’s a lot to write… So here goes, I’ll attempt to summarise. (Listening to a spanish radio station which is a mix of english and spanish so quite good!)

So the first weekend I was here, this is going back to 8th – 9th Sept, we spent the Saturday at the pool, a gorgeous members club the family belong to – 3 outdoor pools, bar, restaurant, play areas, golf etc etc. Pretty cool. I stupidly thought it wouldn’t be that hot and we wouldn’t be so long so didn’t take any swimming stuff but 8 hours later I was pretty sweaty – not nice. Totally my own fault though.

Sunday I went into Bilbao to meet Marian (friend from Pueblo Ingles) for a wander and lunch at hers. Was lovely. I’m getting fat haha. Trust me, next time any of you see me, I won’t be the same Sam! We went up the funicular to a beautiful viewpoint of Bilbao, then later I met a Canadian friend from PI by the cafe outside the Gugg.  Was lovely to just sit with a few beers and relax and talk in English to be honest! I know I’m here to learn Spanish but when I have NO friends it’s nice to speak to an English person. Walked home in the pouring rain this night.

So first day of school was 2 Mondays ago! Ana helped me with the routine for the first two days, but the girls are fine. Usual kid naughtiness but nothing I can’t handle (so far). The 7 year old likes to test me and lies about what she’s allowed to do and not do but by now (2 weeks later) I know her little face quite well so know when she’s lying. So cute. After the girls went to school I went into Bilbao and wandered around the Casco Viejo (Old Town) with the Cait the Canadian again for the afternoon. Stumbled across a Blanco Stock (aaaaaah amazing cheap shop, have it in Westfield too so some of you might know what I’m talking about, I love it!) so bought an umbrella, bag and top from the sale in Zara. There’s a Zara on every corner in Bilbao.

We visit Ana’s mother quite a lot, she only lives round the corner. She’s a lovely lady, speaks Spanish slowly so with Ana’s help I can understand her, more or less.  And if I say one little phrase in Spanish she’s so excited haha, very kind lady. She makes a lot of our dinners apparently and Ana goes and collects it from her! Yummy!

Back off the tangent… Tuesday (2nd day of school) I took the girls on my own to the bus stop. They were very good for me, although some of the grandparents/parents weren’t over-friendly but then I am the new girl aye! They’re a bit warmer now 2 weeks later.  That evening (Tues 11th we’re still on) I took Sofia to ballet and on the way back got talking (well, trying) to an old man at the traffic lights. He was asking for me to give English lessons to his 15year old grandson and how much would I charge.  I had no idea but ended up swapping details… now I know I won’t be able to do it because the 15 year old will be at school the only time I am free – have the girls 5-9 every evening. Ah well. Still nice to have someone want my services! Same Tuesday, I went into Bilbao for my first language exchange with Veronica, an ex-student of Marian’s.  She’s very lovely, 47, and has great English.  So since then we’ve had 4 intercambios (lang.exch.) and they’re so helpful! She asks me questions about English grammar (ahem, yes I can help, just about) and then we switch and the other hour is me attempting to speak Spanish, but not ‘my name is Sam, I have brown hair and glasses’ – I’m saying what I actually want to say, like, ‘this morning I was bad because I went and bought 2 skirts when I don’t really have the money’ – haha, so real sentences. Which is very useful.

By my first Friday I was understanding a lot more Espanol which made me feel a whole lot better. It’s difficult being in your own little language bubble! So Friday eve the parents went and collected the girls from the bus stop and took them to the pool as it was such a nice day. Unfortunately I had a little bit of a migraine going on so I didn’t go, then when they came home I had dinner with the girls and watched a film while they went out for dinner.  The weekend begins! I couldn’t resist – I jumped on a bus and went to Sansan. I KNOW it’s only my second weekend here but I just love that place so much and needed a little break so off I went.  Was lovely to see the Nana anyway.  Ate far too much (my belly is actually swollen- it’s disgusting) and lots of sidra and sun and walking. Aaaah love Sansan.

So that kind of brings you up to date with my activities. That I can remember. The girls were pretty well behaved last night, both had dance class, and tonight Ines has dance again. It’s rainy today so will come back home and entertain them here rather than the usual visit to the park.  I don’t know until the 2nd October if there’s a place for me in Spanish classes, please whoever reads this cross your fingers for me! Otherwise it’s back to the free pages on the internet but I’d like proper lessons.  Veronica is giving my email address to some other people she knows who want to do intercambios too so maybe somewhere along the line I’ll find someone my age haha! Got a couple of 18year old au pairs talking to me via email but I’m not massively keen on spending my time with them.  We’ll see!

For now, that is all! All my pictures are on facebook which I’m sure you can look at whenever you like, so for now, adios! Hasta luego! I promise…


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