!Ay! First taster of mornings without parents…

Well, that was interesting.  Last night as we put the girls to bed I received a warning. “Sammy? Tomorrow, I need to go to Bilbao very early, I will leave at 7.50am, ok?” This was from the mother. The father leaves at 7.30am anyway so I’m used to not seeing him in the mornings.  So. Hmm. Ok, I thought, no problem, they’re only two little girls, I’m an adult, I can handle it. Ahem. Well.


So I woke up at 7am to be wide awake and full of beans before I got the girls up. I had a cup of tea blahblahblah, then Ana and Imanol said goodbye at 7.45 and left. Exited. Left the building. Left me.  So I go into the girls room for wakey wakey time and they refuse to get up. I try funny, I try exciting! I try sad, I try threatening, I even stoop so low as to try mild bribery (Ines ‘loves’ tea, so I said she can have a mouthful of mine if she gets up and gets dressed) not really to any affect. The standard time to be dressed by is 8.05ish but the girls were still in bed at 8.15.  Well, little Sofia half dressed.  It’s a start.  So the phone rings at 8.15 (mummy calling to say have a good day to the girls) and that’s the thing that gets them out of bed, slowly I might add.  Fifteen minutes later after much running back and forth between trying to stop Sofia eating sweets for breakfast and begging Ines to put her uniform on, I finally have both girls dressed, hair done, and half eating.  Right, now Ines is crying because Sofia has taken her sweets and she also can’t find her school bow for her hair.  Sigh. Ok, more running around trying to find the bow. Sofia is hiding in the living room.  I somehow get her to come out and brush her teeth. Ines doesn’t want to brush her teeth because her tooth hurts. Now when the girls refuse to brush their teeth I try the whole disgusted thing in an attempt to get them to think ‘oh no I don’t want my friends to think I’m dirty, I’ll brush my teeth.’ Doesn’t quite work. No flies on these girls.  I manage to get Ines to brush half her teeth… this morning, whatever! As long as those girls are on the bus, that is the most important thing!!


When we leave the flat… different kids come out! I started what seemed to be a highly entertaining conversation by saying to myself ‘got the keys, check’ and then Sofia ran with it and we were checking everything, from schoolbooks and jumpers to toes and tongues.  Turned into quite a laugh when I said no to do I have my brain.  Not before 9am nope!  So the jaunt to the bus stop and few minutes waiting were fine, me and Sofi were playing and Ines was laughing at us… great… so as I grit my teeth now I say ‘so be like this in the flat please…..!’


Waving them off on the bus… a very happy sigh escaped my lips… aaaah what a good feeling. No offence at all, I mean I’m fully aware I am currently an au pair.  But sigh, as I wave to the disappearing bus taking my girls to school, as the black cloud of pollution clears and I stop coughing there’s a grin on my face. MY TIME!  


As I was skipping home, Ana text asking if they were ok and did they get on the bus ok – I said yes, finally. She said they can be difficult, did they misbehave? I replied a little, they were difficult to wake up, but not to worry now. I will tell her the details later. It’s hard to believe that in not even 1 hour, there were thefts, tears, fights and many refusals. Ay. 


Well, that said, now for my day! Posting an important document to gain access to my money (don’t even ask, stressful story), doing some spanish verbs, and going for a walk to find the Old Port.  It’s wet out but fingers crossed it doesn’t rain anymore.  Ah, wait, first I have to make the girls gigantic beds… laters


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