Exciting Times Ahead!

I’m rather excited. By the end of this week, I should have some friends! I have joined a site called Couch Surfers (I knew about it before, it’s taken me this long to join it because I thought it was obligatory to have said couch for people to surf, but alas no! You can be on there minus an available couch! Very exciting!) So I’ve joined this site and have made contact with dozens of people – I reckon in one morning I messaged about 25 people, literally, and then since I’e been joining groups and discussions etc. In the 2 days I’ve been a member I now have 4 meetings set up for this week…  One is another au pair tomoro for lunch round the corner, Thursday afternoon I am meeting a guy inn Bilbao for language exchange, Thursday evening I’m hoping to go back into town for the weekly CSers meeting they have over a few cheeky drinks and tapas (totally depending how tired I am, I wouldn’t get there till half 9 then have to get last metro home which I think is 11 or not far from that), and then Friday morning I’m meeting another guy in Bilbao. From this my weekend may also be busy!  YAY I’m so bloody excited! People! My age!  There’s one moderator on the site who is brilliant, suggesting people to avoid haha, what the meet is about each week etc, upcoming events and stuff… yay I’m happy just in anticipation!

Oo the other exciting news is the soon-to-be-happening parties! I’m catching a morning 5hr bus to Madrid on my birthday to be hosted by my friend Vicente from PI1, and to have a 2night party I think. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, so far I think there’s 17 of us! Cannot wait. Major chunk of my excitement is on this.  Also I am already thinking about Christmas and New Years Eve due to having to sort out flights etc.  So I am going to be in the UK 23rd-30th Dec (without a car, aaaarrrrgh!!! Weird!) and then spending New Years Eve with American friend Emily and a few other people – not sure where yet but the popular recommendation seems to be Sol in Madrid.  I am up for this but equally up for somewhere new.  Good thing about Madrid is I already know lots of people there. Wherever we are, fun is going to be had! Oh I’ve started putting out ads for private english classes and had a couple of responses (that unfortunately I cannot do) so hopefully have some more pennies coming in, for events like this haha.

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So huge dose of excitement over, let’s update you on the waffle.  Last Friday Emily came from Santander to spend the day with me in Bilbao. What a day. Tons of food, ice cream and a lot of walking and photo taking.  If you’re reading this I’m sure you’ve seen my photos on facebook… lots.  So she got back on the bus at 4pm and went off and got on the metro to come home, all geared up for my first proper night babysitting, as in being with kids alone from 5pm until the next morning.  But nope, it was not meant to be (didn’t complain) – the family decided to have a last minute weekend away, so I just had to help with showering the girls and by 6.30pm they were gone! So I was a little gutted we didn’t know this earlier so Emily could have stayed and I could have finally sampled some local nightlife but hey, I had a relaxed (if a little lonely) free night in.  The next day, Saturday, I met up with Marian for lunch in Bilbao, that was lovely – god damn the food, it’s too good, hence my fat ratio increasing – and she showed me some more sights of the city.  Alhondiga being an amazing entertainment centre that has a gym, roof top pool, roof top bar, exhibition areas, a gigantic 3 floor library (actually quite nice for some peace and quiet), restaurants, a cinema. Warning – bit of history – it was built in 1905 as a corn exchange until the 70s when business moved on.  It remained as it was albeit empty for years until an architect came along and thought it’d be a good idea to reinvent it as an entertainment centre – it is very cool.  When you walk in it’s a big open space that they sometimes use for concerts and although the outer facade has been left standing the inside was gutted and modernised, although similar materials were used to keep the look going. So inside there are 3 buildings which are held up by 43 columns which are supposed to represent different countries. Some of them look pretty good, some of them are just ugly aye. The best thing is looking up about 20m to see the bottom of the rooftop pool and kids with goggles looking down at you.

Saturday night I had home alone but not really because I had a Skype conversation with Mum, Nan and Grandad all at the same time – was really quite fun/funny!  Sunday was another great day with the Nana.  She came from Sansan and I showed her around Getxo.  We went up to the top of Vizcaya Bridge – the oldest/first transporter in the world – which is 50m tall (feels so much higher, see pics!) and walked 160m across the river.  AMAZING views, was so glad we did it.  Then on the other side you’re in Portugalete, a beautiful village that is so pretty – go straight into the old part and it’s all narrow cobbled streets and it’s here I feel at home. My part of Getxo is cool and sophisticated and endless shops, but I’m finding I’m more comfortable in old medieval streets and little dingy bars… something I’m learning about myself.

Yesterday little Sofia was sick (although recovered rapidly throughout the day, enough to demand we play football in the hall) so although I was trying to do verb tables I also was feeding her, entertaining her but at the same time telling her chill out because she doesn’t want to get sicker… hehee.  Ana took her to her grandmothers for lunch so I had a few hours peace (it wasn’t really that bad, just am used to them being at school in the day!) then in the evening I alternated between park, Mama-Grande’s house and the two different ballet schools the girls attend on Mondays.  Dinner was yummy meatballs – cooked by Mama-Grande, most of our dinners are.

So today I have my usual intercambio at half 2 in Bilbao with Veronica, so must go off now and write in Spanish what I’ve done for the last week. Ready for her correction!  Oo received my first package in the post today, from myself but still, who doesn’t love post!


4 thoughts on “Exciting Times Ahead!

  1. Lovely blog, very interesting and a pleasure to read. Good luck with the couch surfers, but be careful, and meet the new friends in public places, ie. caffes, bars etc.You sound very happy on your blog.It was a lovely day we had on Sunday, did you hear of the tree that fell in the park Doa Casilda and hit two Americans that had to be taken to Hospital !! It probably happened when we were having a beer trying to cool down. Keep in touch, and tell me what you have bought for your birthday. Un abrazo y que aprendas mucho espaol con tus nuevos amigos. Nana


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