From psycho to adorable in a nanosecond

I know a few people would have read this title and thought, ha, that’ll put her off having children. Nope, it doesn’t. Because after being covered in snot, having her cry about some non-existant problem, cringing as she screamed at her sister in a pitch I thought would burst my eardrums, I felt so fuzzy and glowey when little 7year old Sofi curled up and fell asleep on me as I read a story to her in bed.  Ad-or-able.

Cute story aside, I have been a very busy bee the last few days. Can’t remember if I mentioned it in the previous blog (and can’t be arsed to save this to drafts and go look) but thanks to an amazing travellers networking site I am now the proud new owner of 3 new Spanish acquaintances!! Yep! Go me! Oh and a lovely young American girl who’s also au pairing in Getxo.  We met on Wednesday and I think we were both as visibly relieved as the other to establish we weren’t 55 year old creeps. It was great. She’s a really nice girl and never been out of the States so has no clue about tapas (I know, I choked on my txakoli when she said this) and has never really tried alcohol outside of the family home… Hmm.  Not too sure it’s the best thing for her to be friends with me… haha. But to introduce her to tapas! Aaaaah! Crap, there goes diet intentions out the window.  I started my day with a brilliant breakfast of two carrots today. I’m trying not to get fat ok. It’s hard here. Very hard.

So yeah Wednesday I met Eliza the American and we both vented our separate frustrations about au pairing (I am JAMMY compared to her in some departments, but then swings and roundabouts aye) then Wednesday I invited her to tag along to two arranged meetings I had with two Spanish guys in town (when I say this I mean Bilbao).  The first guy was just brilliant.  Instantly relaxed around him, he was smiley, laughed a lot, was natural and open.  And he goes to the EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas – school I’m hoping to go to for classes next week) and our hours are pretty much the same so we’ll be doing tapas I reckon. He suggested it and I rarely… no I NEVER… say no to a tapa. You just don’t do that. Spanish fwend number one, check.

Hoping to hear from him regarding going out at the weekend.  Then we walked to the Gugg to meet another guy who at first seemed very nervous and wasn’t speaking English at all – my instant reaction was ahh shit, I have no idea what he’s saying.  But after a couple of long-winded sentences he seemed to relax and start using English more and we basically had an afternoon of Spanglish.  I’m telling you, it’s the new thing.  Going to take off.   Eliza and I (wow first time I think I’ve ever used the correct grammar, proud of me Dad?) were pretty chuffed with our day and she was especially pleased as she’d not been out of Algorta in Getxo yet so to see the Gugg and the Casco Viejo in one sitting was cool for her.  Spanish fwend number 2 – check.

Today, again Eliza came with me, we went to meet another guy, Alfonso – what a name – in Moyua, a pretty area in Bilbao, and also on the road where all the cool shops are. At first I wondered if he was a bit abrupt but as with these situations, everyone soon relaxed and we ended up not realising a few hours had passed and we were going to be late for my usual intercambio at San Mames! (Spanish fwend number 3 – check) So we kind of had to run a little. Or a fast walk as my two carrots weren’t particularly giving me superhuman strength.  Had a couple of tapas with Veronica and then dashed home – again, could of been late but we made it home fine.  It’s pretty nice having another au pair in my life.  Same issues, same rants, same timetables. It helps.

So. Plans.  Hehee, I love plans.  They make me happy. Tomorrow I am meeting another person in this area for a little tapa, then Sunday having an afternoon beer with another new person.  Monday I have a new intercambio to begin – a man named Cesar.  And TUESDAY I shall wake up and expect an email from EOI in my inbox saying welcome to Spanish classes, start tomorrow! Please cross your fingers for me right now.  Ta.

Ok so I thought I’d just do an iddy-biddy update… jeez don’t scroll up… before bed.  Good night all! Today was a great day.


5 thoughts on “From psycho to adorable in a nanosecond

  1. Bit of a “friend-frenzy” going on but sounds like fun. Good to see you’re getting on with your charges and hope you get into this language school thing!
    Like the blog writing also so do keep it going.
    Un abrazo

  2. What a busy week you have had, pleased to hear you are meeting people and exchanging views, etc.I liked especially the end of Sofia’s little tantrum. Keep in touch, Good luck for Tuesday. Nana

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