People to meet, places to see, futures to plan

Hola hola hola! Estoy aqui! Lo siento otra vez!

I have my calender next to me and am going to whizz through it basically, as I’m due to meet my friend Eder in a little while to discuss plans for a Halloween party tonight.  They don’t celebrate it half as much here as in England but for the first time the girls have little witch costumes and I think we’re going trick or treating, which is going to be different because everyone lives in flats so you don’t actually have to go outside! I’ve got my camera at the ready anyway, and am making them silly little masks today as a surprise.

So week beginning 15th (last entry was about spending all day in Primark haha) I spent a lot of time with Javi and he had his 2nd cousin Angela who was staying for a couple of weeks.  She’s a lovely girl and I was immersed that little bit more into the Spanish language, which is good as Javi speaks such perfect English we tend to speak it most of the time. As I mentioned last time I met a woman called Leixuri who was really nice – she’s among the many people who are looking for work at the moment here, it’s very sad, I think most of the people I’ve met are unemployed! The Thursday 18th I met another Couchsurfer, an absolutely hilarous guy named Inaki (can’t do the accents on this keyboard at the moment argh, but pronounced Inyakee). We went for tea and he was a real hoot, always laughing, glasses and crazy curly black hair, so animated it was really refreshing, I enjoyed it a lot. And he gave me a map of Bilbao and circled cool places to go, some of which I’d already been, and circled an area and labeled it DANGER haha… good to know but it did make me laugh.  Also unemployed.  Great guy.  Should really email to meet again but I’m getting so forgetful!

The weekend was spent in Bilbao with Javi and his friends and Eliza, basically eating.  There was a pintxos competition on so we took full advantage and did the route, mm mm, good day. My stomach is disgusting though. Getting big.  So I mentioned last blog that a family upstairs wanted me to speak to their kids once a week and I’d decided no? Well, I spoke to the mother and father and decided yes, I will.  They’re so nice and the kids are gorgeous.   So I have now gone over twice, the last two Sundays, and chatted with Inigo for one hour and his sister Lucia for half hour.  I always get tea and these AMAZING biscuits and then 18euros at the end of it.  Two days pay in au pair world – crazy but it makes you feel rich when you get two days pay in an hour and a half…  bonkers.  This is actually one thing I’m really struggling with – not making my own money.  I don’t feel dependent but I kind of am.  I try not to spend money on food and thing that I can take from the house but if I’m out and about then I need to eat! (constantly haha) But I’ve had a serious chat with myself recently about my food intake so I am NOT spending another penny on food. And I always take the millions of stairs from the metro (the people on the escalators look at me like I’m crazy, you never see anyone on the stairs) and I am hula hooping everyday in the house, and I make sure when I walk I walk quickly, not stroll. I’m trying.  Because I think the skin on my belly has actually stretched – it makes me feel ill to see it.

Then came the week my folks came to Sansan! Yay! So I went there Wednesday and came back Friday – the food was brilliant and the company even better. My 2nd cousin Manuel came for Thursday evening which was great, not seen him for like 8years or something mental like that. We’re currently arranging another weekend to meet in Sansan in November.  The only thing abut being in Sansan midweek was my last ever chance to be accepted into this fricking language school was to be at the school at 9am Friday with a copy of my passport (AGAIN) but I refused to cut short my trip to see my dad for his 50th. Luckily for me my French au pair friend Lucil was going to the school herself to register so she took my passport for me.  Have I heard anything 5 days later? Nope. I give up. Not wasting my time there anymore! A little disheartening but hey.



I came back from Sansan and had a nice little pyjama party with the girls on the Friday night – we cooked our own pizzas and I bought them croissant de chocolate as they had never had one before! I’m a little obsessed with them from a particular bakery up the road by the metro – muy mal. Not now, not on my new diet! … meh… So Saturday night one of Javi’s friends had a birthday gathering at one of their houses which was so enjoyable! Tons of food, great people, full on Spanish immersion which was so healthy, we got home at 5.30am and collapsed.

So my American au pair friend Eliza actually leaves me today! She has had enough of her crazy family here who don’t even want her anyway so she is going off to Italy. I wish her all the best but am sad she is going, she’s a great kid.  I have another au pair I’m arranging to meet too, she’s also a young un, from Sweden. I feel so old sometimes!

Oh and my latest career venture (in my head) is to be a florist. Breathing in clean air and being surrounded by plants all day sounds very relaxing and appealing to me. Or go back to uni and study occupational therapy. Either or. I need a job.  Not sure this is the right time or place to be thinking of this but I am just conscious of being 25… I know I know, not old, but old enough.  I love my girls here, I love Ana e Imanol, I have Javi, I have American friends, French friends, lots of Spanish friends, am learning the lingo, but am already thinking what is my next step after this au pair stint? Hmm.  Tbc.

Next week I have Ines ALL WEEK.  Her school have a week where it’s supposed to be an English week and Ana has chosen the option of using me (with my agreement of course, although I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing… 18hour days teaching English to kids, aargh?!) I need to ask her about this.  And I remember her saying about not having to pay the school extra, so I think she said that money comes to me.  Not much, but doubles my weekly wage for that week.  We’ll see, I need to confirm some details about that.  Can’t believe it’s November already.  Feels like only a little while ago I was crying at the airport saying bye to Kate and Gemma – I miss you girls!

Wow look at the time, must go and do some hula!

PS. JESUS this is stressful with the language school! 6 times I have tried and failed to be accepted. They told me my last chance is to take a copy of my passport there last Friday which my lovely friend did for me as they said that was ok, but lo and behold, today Ana phones them to find out what’s going on and they told her I should have paid last Friday too to get me a place… errrr YOU DID NOT TELL ME THIS PIECE OF VITAL INFORMATION! Sooooo I’m a tad stressed right now (11.20am) as I have lots of people involved in this who have been kind enough to help me and now I’m just annoying everyone …! Argh. On a good point, there is somewhere I can go just a short walk away that costs nothing – not as official obviously but I just want to learn now, anywhere! Will keep you updated about this as it is currently the bane of my Spanish life…!


2 thoughts on “People to meet, places to see, futures to plan

  1. Hola nina
    It was great meeting up with you last week in Donostia and to see how you have progressed into the land of “Epagna”! Do keep these little blogs happening as its good to hear whats up and a comfort to know your safe.
    You now need to relax and let the days “happen”…okay? You have plenty of time until the summer so you dont need to stress-out today or tomorrow…!
    Un abrazo grande de tu papa xxx

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