A student once again!

Hola amigos! SOOOO… I am finally in a school! It is a local school a mile or two from my house so a nice little walk everyday, and I have 2hr lessons Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday off, then Friday 9-1.  And all for 15euros a year! Yes, I said a year, not a month! Crazy huh?! So I’m all enrolled there and started my lessons this week, so today being Wednesday I’ve had 3 lessons and it’s pretty much total immersion – when we’re not doing worksheets etc the class tends to start chatting and end up debating the whole 2 hours about something (yesterday it was the current crisis here in Espana and buying houses – I was extremely quiet and tried my hardest to understand but jesus, it went in one ear and out the other aye). Today we spent the lesson on computers doing verb and grammar exercises, quite enjoyed it actually.  So that’s my new routine, classes everyday yay!


Oh yes. Last week. The English Week With Ines.  Phwoar. I’m not going to go into it too much coz I could go on forever but I was slightly excitable Friday night as it was finally over! It was a LONG week. The thing is Ines is too intelligent for her english lessons at school, she gets bored very easily with it, even if she doesn’t necessarily understand something she thinks she does and then doesn’t want to be told differently – plus the fact that the books I’ve been using are B2 which is a very high level and I did not know half of the grammar! I tried to explain this to Ana, we had a laugh about it (once the week was over). I didn’t get to see Javier very much like we normally do as by 9pm every night I was pretty dead, so straight to bed for me! After I’d failed to persuade Ines yes she does still have to go to bed even if she’s not at school, primarily because I’m not going to stay awake much longer. No breaks for me last week, from 7.30am-9.30pm. Literally. Well hang on, except when I was urinating or having a shower. We went to Primark a couple of times and then got the bus to a great shopping mall a few miles away and treated her to lunch out etc, so did get some fresh air sometimes. Odd though only speaking to a 9yr old for 90hours in 5 days – does strange things to your mind I reckon.


So I’ve put that experience behind me (and it is bloody well going on my CV… somehow!) and that weekend I had a lovely relaxing one not doing much. Usual pintxos trail round Bilbao and Sunday I was exhausted and a little sick so I didn’t go and see my usual kids upstairs for conversational English.  Missed the extra pennies but I got double bubble from Ana and I pretty much slept most of Sunday in some kind of recovery state!  On Saturday I met with the lovely Marian and had a wonderful menu lunch out in Bilbao. Menu del dia is a 3 course meal deal in restaurants where there’s lots of choices of amazing food and you can pay from 10euros upwards. I love menus! Tons of good food for cheap, oh and that includes bread and wine/beer etc.  On Sunday Javi and I went to Plentzia, a gorgeous little old coastal town on the end of the metro line. It’s so pretty and I was ready for a few hours of photographing but I didn’t realise my camera had no battery arrgh, do I got one picture and no more. But it’s like a couple of euros and 25mins on the train so will definitely be going back. So pretty, lots of little old bars and the beach is gorgeous.  It was raining the whole time we were there but it was kind of cool, the waves were huge and crashing on the rocks, the bars were all extra cosy and the wine went down even easier! A nice afternoon including a beautiful lunch (a little romantic actually btt sssh) and then back home for a couple of hours with the kids upstairs and boom, more pennies in my pocket.


And this week, as you now know, I’ve started my classes, woop woop! Oh god, that reminded me, I’m waking up every morning which Gangnam Style in my head – what a crazy song but I have to admit it does make me happy, and the video even more so.  If you’ve not seen it yet, please, youtube.com.  It just puts a smile on my face.  Hahaa.  Got a little grin on now, dammit I’m going to have to pause my spanish podcast to listen to it – just once…!


My French au pair friend Lucil and I had pinxtos for lunch Monday which was lovely, proper little catch up, then yesterday I met another new person who lives just a road away.  Always great to get to know the locals.  And he works 3-10pm so that’s nice to have friends who are off work the same time as you. One downside to au pairing.  I’ve recently decided I need to expand my Spanish vocab asap so am going through the dictionary, not copying it, but basically copying it. All goes in my brain eventually!



So tomorrow I am meeting with the crazy, laugh-a-lot guy I met a few weeks ago in Bilbao, that’ll be nice, he’s a bit of a breath of fresh air to be honest.  Got a few more meets lined up with new faces over the next two weeks, oo and going to Sansan not this weekend the next to see my cousin who I never see, Manuel.  Looking forward to that. Not sure if I will be travelling alone or not…  The weekend after that, so the first weekend of December (jesus it’s Christmas soon!) Emily from Santander is comign to visit, yay! I have yet to decide whether to go out in Bilbao (metro runs all night Saturdays) or take her round the locals, which are great to be honest. We’ll decide at the time. Looking forward to that.  If any of my friends from England are reading this I wish some of you could come visit!  I am looking forward to a day/eve in London I’m trying to arrange – aim is to see everyone all at once basically! Not got enough days to see everyone separately sadly.


Well, I’m listening to my Spanish podcast which I hope it subconsciously sinking into my head as I copy from the dictionary… so nice to have the house to myself today – had a good class this morning, nice healthy salad lunch and the sun is out and shining. It’s a good day. Oh and I’m Skyping my Gemma tonight so am going to go to bed very happy!!!


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