Cooking away the weekend…

As the title suggests, I spent the weekend just gone cooking.  Not loads, but three things more than usual! On Saturday I decided to cook Javi a toad-in-the-hole to try.  All you Brits will perfectly understand what I mean and probably be licking your lips, but here they have no idea what they’re missing.  We bought some Bratwurst sausages (yeah I don’t do things by halves) and I proceeded to make a slight monster of a meal.  We ate it the English way with brocolli and a few cherry toms – he seemed to enjoy it so I deemed it a success! Especially when later we both got home at 2am from our respective parties and me and his friend Cesar devoured the leftovers.  Sunday morning I made American style pancakes thanks to inspiration from my stepmum Katie, but Javi didn’t want any (strange man) and I didn’t want to leave the batter mixture so I had about 10 pancakes for brunch… mm yummy.  Then later we got the healthy food bug and bought some veg and cooked a nice soup with it all – also very yummy! So yes, another weekend focused around food.  Saturday night I went into Casco Viejo to celebrate my friend Eder’s birthday which was fun, wasn’t a crazy one but Lucil came with her friend and I bumped into a ‘Facebook friend’  for the first time (another au pair) which was odd as we felt like we already knew each other because we speak quite often online.  The freaky nature of Facebook aye.

I got back about midnight Sunday night and felt pretty rested and prepared to have both the girls on Monday as they were off school.  Imanol informed me Sofi had a friend over for the night so I went to bed a little more worried than I’d anticipated.  Ana woke me up gently at 8 in the morning to let me know they were both off to work and for the next hour and a half I hardly breathed/tried to continue sleeping, not wanting to wake up the kids.  At half 9 Ines and Sofi both piled onto my bed (which was actually quite cute, they did it gently) and told me Cecilia was here.  This is a 5 year old who they have warned me about before being very bad-tempered and poor previous au pairs etc etc.  I was scared.  We crept into the living room to watch TV while the little one still slept.  When she woke up I was prepared.  But amazingly, Ines took on her first adult role and was extremely helpful to me all morning and the two younger ones played together while me and Ines had an art class in the kitchen!  Only one incident in 3 hours (Sofi whacked Cecilia in the face but Ines went and comforted Ceci and I went and cuddled Sof – problem solved) – the only thing I was slightly out of sync with was the fact I had no clue whether the kid was being picked up at any point, therefore could I go out with the girls or did I have to stay in all day?! Wasn’t too impressed with this but at about 1pm Ana phoned to say she was picking us up to go into Bilbao. So we rushed to get ready (luckily the girls all got caught up in my ‘excitement’ at going into town) so we made it down to the car in 10 minutes.  Phew.  Ended up having a Krunch lunch (tasty German style restaurant) and natural yoghurt at Llao Llao (best place ever) and hanging around for the rest of the afternoon so was sooooooo nice to have Ana working with me with the three.  They were MENTAL when Mum was around, but I totally backed off and enjoyed my free lunch.  What else could I do? Hehee…  Then we came back home for about 6 and Sofi and Ines went to ballet and the rest of the evening was pretty normal – phew day over!  Forget the fact I made pancakes for the kids for breakfast and then Ana wanted them for dinner so I had three helpings in three days… not so bad is it? Flour and milk and egg?

I went for a power walk for 7.5km that night ok.  Leave me alone.

So yesterday and today I’ve met with Leire again, who is just lovely, I really like her.  I’m meeting another au pair tomorrow (French) who also wants to practice English so that’ll be an easy meet.  I don’t like to practice Spanish with people who aren’t Spanish.  Then Friday finally meeting Veronica to do a proper intercambio, looking forward to that.  This Saturday am doing my first class with a new family, not sure if it’ll be one or two hours yet but is at 10am so not so bad if it’s 2horus anyway.

Oh and new plan for the summer.  Original plan was to just work and get some money, but I’m going to take advantage of July and August and want to do a volunteer project somewhere.  Have always wanted to do one and have about 14 sites saved in my bookmarks and the summer here is the perfect time to do it before settling down with a contract in September, so here I go again!  Exciting.  Javi also wants to do something somewhere, maybe India, so maybe we’ll meet in some exotic country while we’re both volunteering for a few weeks, how cool.

More on that later because I must go rest my abs for a bit before picking up the girls.  Should be an easy night as Sofi is off to her eye doctor so me and Ines will probably do the usual watercolours class.  I quite enjoy the tranquility but it is pretty hard when she has a huge tantrum because my picture ‘is so much better than mine, it’s not fair!!’ Jesus.  I’m not going to purposefully draw bad, sorry.

Hasta luego! Ouch my abs…


One thought on “Cooking away the weekend…

  1. What a busy weekend you have had, the toad in the hole looks great, , I used to cook it a long time ago !!!!! try a roast dinner or a shepherd´s pie next time.

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