Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta

Well, as the title suggests, this blog will have party news, although I am anal about writing in order so you have to wait a little.  Where did I leave off last time – oh yes, I remember.

So two Fridays ago I had my usual intercambio with Veronica which was good and was ready for the usual evening in with the girls.  But this Friday had a difference, we were going rollerblading with Javi.  Dun dun duuuuuun!  So I can ice skate pretty well but for some reason I have a lot more fear with the concrete and in line skates than the ice and the knives attached to my feet.  But anyway, it was all going swimmingly until Ines wanted to specifically go down a slope along the river.  Hmm, I wonder why.  The girls went down and waited for me at the bottom with Javi, who, I admit, was totally pleading with me with his eyes to not crash into him.  So I braced myself and decided to ignore his advice and not hold on to the very low wall at all and let myself go.  Crashed straight into the poor guy.  My feet went up in the air and I fell back, he fell forward.  My coccyx took everything.  And Javi’s knee.  Ouch.  Fail.  But we all got up laughing and Sofi insisted on holding my hand all the way home, even when I took the skates off and put my shoes back on.  Aw.

The Saturday was my first time meeting the new family whose kids I will be teaching English.  I got there for 9.30am (good thing about having to work Friday nights, am never hungover on a Saturday morning) and spent 2 hours with the 2 girls, who are 9 and 11 year old.  They are very different to my girls but still argue as much, so was quite difficult to keep their focus for the whole two hours as we tried to play together.  I told myself to have a strategy next time as I really didn’t do any teaching, woops.  18euros an hour thank you.  I got to Javi’s for about midday and we had a lovely relaxing day together, just round the hood, then on the Sunday we decided to have a change of scenery and went to a nearby village called Llodio (I am either having serious deja vu or I have written about this somewhere recently…) which was so tiny but nice to get out of Las Arenas.  We took pictures, walked around, had lunch, hugged the cardigan-clad trees and came home as I had the usual class in the evening. Chilled weekend.  Received much attention from Javier which I thoroughly enjoyed, obviously.

Monday I took Lucil to our local huge Chinese restaurant (all you can eat for 10euros, sounds rank but is actually bloody beautiful!) but that night I had a weird dizzy spell – literally couldn’t focus or walk straight – so I got sent to bed at 8pm and didn’t wake until my alarm went off the next day – good job I set it!  Well, I briefly got woken up by the girls saying goodnight as they went to bed – was adorable, they just both quietly came in and Sofi laid on me and Ines sat as close as she could – very sweet.  But I went straight back to sleep when they left.

The next day my little Sofi was sick so her mum had her for the morning and I collected her at 2pm and we spent the afternoon together before picking up Ines.  I love this girl so much, she is just so cute and kind and squidgy and loving.  Wednesday I met Marian for lunch in town which was nice – we went to Fresco! Again, 10euros for all you can eat but it is so healthy! All salad and pasta and then you have your hot plate and tea or coffee and dessert, can go up as many times as you like (ok that deletes the healthy part of the deal).  Friday I enjoyed my Spanish class and then had a huge Skype conversation with Nan and Grandad – it was so nice! We’ve only Skyped two other times I think and it’s so nice to catch up properly, emails are a bit shit sometimes.  Thank you Mr Skype for inventing it.  I then squeezed in an Insanity workout (still doing it everyday, yep) before meeting Javi at his house for lunch as Veronica cancelled the intercambio that week.

So, the weekend! Ana was sick with an evil cold the Friday so said if I wanted to go out I was totally free to, which the girls were NOT happy about.  My second free Friday in 6 months, I was rather excited! Of course I wanted to go straight back to Javi’s pretty much but he was having a night out with his boyband so I ended up hanging around the house anyway until about 8.30pm and then was trying to communicate with my friend Barry who was flying over to Bilbao at that very moment. I was so excited, I then decided to go to Javi’s anyway and made myself pancakes and had a few beers (woops, still need to replace those hehe) while I waited.  I got bored being by myself (yes I know I’m inpatient but come on, this was an almost extinxt Friday free!) so wondered if Lucil was free and met her in a bar, then Javi turned up about midnight and then EVENTUALLY, after much walking and whatsapping and miscommunication, we found Barry over in Portugalete and went for a drink with him.  That drink turned into dancing and more drinking in a very cool, busy bar in the Old Part – we got home about half past 5 in the morning, maybe later, who knows.  Stupidly, I had the second class with the new kids the next day, but thank god it was at midday and also only for one hour – PHEW I think is the right word.  I suffered big time.  I was just tired later but god was I tired.  Javi too.  That afternoon we went to his friends for little Noa’s first birthday party and also this whole week/two weeks is Carnaval week – parades and street parties and such like – so everyone was dressed up in random stuff which was fun.  I went as Mary Poppins.  At the last minute Javi decided to be the chimney sweep guy so we looked pretty damn cool together.  It was lovely at the kids party, lots of beautiful children running amok and the adults being just as silly.  I was trying not to fall asleep when I forced myself to leave about 10pm to go meet Eder on the train to go to Nikki’s house for pre-drinks before going into Casco Viejo in Bilbao for the huge street parties.  Yes I know you’re probably tired reading this.  I WAS DEAD. But much fun was had.  The Sunday Javi and I went for a walk with Barry and Lucil to show him Puerto Viejo in Algorta, just a 30minute walk along the river, and we had various pintxos which was needed.  Taught the kids at 8pm this night but was much more refreshed by then.  Not quite so as drunk as the previous days class.  Ouch.

Monday I managed to have elevenses with Javi and then, after Insanity of course, I met with a guy I’ve not seen for a long time which was nice, proper intercambio as I think our levels are pretty similar so although difficult to have a proper conversation, it helps with forcing you to interact in the other persons language.  Tuesday I decided enough was enough with only having shit boots with broken soles so I took myself up to Ballonti boot-hunting and promptly came back with a pair of grey jeans.  Woops.  Had a bit of a lonely day this day as no one was free for a drink so apart from to the shop assistants I didn’t actually utter a word 9-5.  Same the next day but I went to Artea this time, still on the lookout for boots.  There are hundreds out there I want, but all in the region of 100euros, and that’s in the sale.  Sometimes this place is not cheap.  Either that or I’m just not used to spending money on quality items.  More likely the latter.

Well, today is Valentine’s Day, San Valentin.  I have spent the morning with Eder, walking the streets of Portugalete, popping into a few bars, looking in a few shops, general wandering and catching up, very nice indeed.  I came home to do Insanity and then had a little random lunch – rice, olives, tomatoes, tuna, egg, chorizo, nut mixture – and sat down to do this.  Tomorrow I’m meeting Veronica as usual, and I want to cook something with the girls tomorrow night as Ines showed me this beautiful cook book from Ikea, it’s got some great ideas in it.  This weekend I have class on Saturday morning but only for 1.5hours as Javi and I are off to Sansan.  I’ve been having serious withdrawal symptoms, left it way to long to go to my place!  Lovely that Javi is coming, got a rather nice hotel booked.

That brings us up to date so I am off to make myself a mint tea, having discovered a box in my room I bought ages ago and realising how much I like the stuff. Hasta luego!


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