The resurrection of this blog….

Well I’m thoroughly disappointed in myself for having severely neglected this blog to the point of its virtual death.  I have decided to resurrect the poor thing but will probably be doing very short blogs compared to before – I think this was the problem, leaving it so long between blogs that it was a huge effort to update each time.  So I will take a leaf from a friend and try (biiiiig emphasis on the word try) to write something everyday.

So the last few months have been packed full of the usual, people leaving Bilbao so lots of leaving parties, Kate came to visit which was a great few days, the fiestas have started here so every weekend there are street parties and festivals, it’s brilliant.  Babies have been born, mountains climbed, villages visited, I’ve obviously done the 4 weeks summer camp with my gorgeous 4 year olds… y mucho mas! I’ve included a few random pics which I’m too lazy to fully explain, but you get the gist of my life here recently…

As many/all of you know, me and Javi are going to India this Thursday! Jesus it’s come round quick, we realised we booked it in April, sounds like ages ago now and here it is.  Thursday.  That’s not tomorrow, but the next day! We’re so excited, think we’ve got everything we could possibly need.  We’ve been jabbed with Hep A, Hep B and meningitis, downed a sweet tasting cholera vaccine, swallowed a couple of typhoid pills, and are starting our malaria tablets tomorrow.  We’ve sought high and low and in various places and online shops but finally have all of our supplied – mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, microfibre towels, envelope silk bed sheets (keeps the bed bugs away), water purification tablets, diarrhoea pills, rehydration sachets, painkillers, veritgo pills (Javi).  Travel insurance documents are being printed as I type.  Passports have been photocopied a few times.  We’ve got big backpacks (get me, first time not using a suitcase, ooo) we’ve got little day backpacks – well they’re going to be frontpacks but that just sounds weird.

I think we’re good to go! Checking in tomorrow online and ordering the taxi to pick us up at 5.30am.  First leg of the journey is an 8am flight from Bilbao to Munich, then we wait for 1.5hours (breakfast) then 8hour flight to Mumbai, a 4.5hour wait there (leg stretching time plus dinner) then 3hour flight to our destination Kolkata (Calcutta).  We land at 5.30am local time and have a hotel waiting for us.  The plan is to stay in Kolkata until the Saturday 10th volunteering with Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity, then take a five hour train up to the region of Bihar where we’re both very excited to visit my long lost Spanish cousin Raquel and her wonderful school she set up for Dalit children years ago.  We aim to stay there for about a week but we’ll see how it all pans out, nobody’s too fussy and again we have a hotel picked out so not worried.  Then roughly Saturday 17th we want to go down to Mandarmoni, a coastal area south of Kolkata, to relax and enjoy the 13km beach.  Thinking about it we wondered if a week would be too much there – there’s only so much staring at the waves you can do – so we may make a journey of it from Bihar to Mandarmoni and stop for a night or two somewhere random.  Then the last night Thursday 22nd we’ll make sure we’re back in Kolkata just in case – our flight home leaves at 8pm the Friday so we will be back in Bilbao 1pm local time Saturday 24th.  God I cannot wait for this, I’ve wanted to do something like this for as long as I can remember, and I LOVE that I’m going with someone I trust with my life (may come in handy) and we can both support each other.  Going to be immense.  Oich.

So when we get back to Bilbao the next day we’re going down to the south of Spain, to Javi’s village in Cordoba, to truly relax for a few days in the olive fields.  Literally.  Pool, sun, surrounded by olive trees and tranquility.  Looovely way to finish our adventure.  Then back to Bilbao back to normal life.  Well, we’ll see.  I have officially been told I AM coming back to work with St George’s Academy in Sept so that’s brilliant, everyone there is great and I love the way management, well, manages, so I start the training second week of September.  Oh yeah, so we don’t completely come back to normal life, well Javi does, I have my father visiting for a few days as soon as we’re back from Cordoba! Wow so many things to look forward to, all crammed into the next what, five weeks!

Well, today is another gorgeous day, about 30degrees, so am going to go out for a walk before Javi gets home from work. Then we’re packing!! Exciting times!

Will really really try to blog everyday, otherwise it’s never going to work!

Hasta manana!


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