India: The Day Before…

So today we pretty much relaxed. We’ve been totally ON IT and packed everything up yesterday just kind of tweaked things today. We went to the local internet cafe and checked in online (all 6 flights – 3 each) and printed our tickets… then it seemed real!


The aim was to go for a last day walk today as it was so beautiful but turned out it was a bit too beautiful – it got to 36 degrees today and was nearly unbearable to be outside the house/a bar with AC.  So we spent the day going through a few bars, eating ice cream, eating ice (while we can!) and generally trying to keep cool.  We popped to Javi’s parents to swap keys and leave some spare documents etc, and then retreated to our flat which has been surprisingly cool.  Couldn’t resist meeting a few new friends for a quick drink this evening but we were back home by 8.45.  Not bad seeing as we’ve got a taxi picking us up tomorrow at 5.30am.  Just popped our first malaria pill and Javi is chilling behind me as I type this.  Update about my toilet-bound phone – it now is fully functional in every way EXCEPT it doesn’t want to charge … so kiiiinda useful.  Rice is working on it and will continue to work on it while we’re away. Sigh.  Oh well, Blackberry is much better for India anyway.


So just got to put my wash stuff in the bag tomorrow and boom, we’re off! Hopefully I’ll be able to update you all tomorrow. Wish us luck with our flights! I want happy thoughts related to zero turbulence, no delays, and no smelly, ill people sitting near us please – muchas gracias!




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