India Day 3 – Day of Rest

Before I start todays blog I’ll finish yesterday’s…

So we had a great dinner at a restaurant that’s always full of foreigners called Blue Sky Cafe – AC, wifi, every type of food you could wish for – we had pasta and noodles. And lovely staff, one tickled one of the guys we were sitting with as he walked past. No reason for it, was just being nice! We’ve made friends with everyone in our hotel basically, especially three guys – Jordi and Adrian from Spain and Sebastian from Chile – great people. Everyday more and more of the volunteers are turning up at our hotel as so many good words have been said about it. Harry, the owner, has got it all right. Oh he’s taking us to a huge yoga session in the park at 5.30am Thursday morning – cant wait!

Sorry I digress from the story telling. When we were in the restaurant Javi developed an awful head and was really dizzy so we paid and headed for the hotel room. To be honest it was a bit frightening walking the two minute journey to the hotel – I was freaking out what I’d do if he actually passed out on the street. But we made it back and he took some pills and went straight to bed.

I forgot to mention that here every single second they are beeping their horns – it’s very comical as they beep for eeeeveeything. When they’re turning a corner, when they’re reversing, when you’re in their way (oh and they do NOT stop, just push through) when they’re parking… All the time literally! It’s become funny. So on the way home with Javi feeling awful all of a sudden I burst out laughing because a couple of regular tourists came zooming round the corner with the one on the back yelling “beep beep beep beep beep!” Clearly they didn’t have a horn haha but were following the locals cue – we get the giggles now thinking about it. And obviously all I can hear as I type this from the top floor of the hotel is beeping haha…

So onto today…

Yeah I know – the title – a day of rest already – bad hey. Well actually no – we felt bad for about ten minutes but then if you feel sick you feel sick. Javi didn’t have the best sleep what with a bad toilet run, and woke up feeling like shite. We both got up and showered and started the long walk through the Muslim market to the mother house. Now in a good day it’s hard to stomach but this morning poor Javi was retching with the smell and sight of all the hanging meat, poor guy. We made it to the mother house without actual vomiting but he was white as a sheet and his face was purely concentrating on not throwing up – he says the worst thing was his spinning head. After a mini debate about him feeling guilty we explained to the others and jumped in a taxi to go home.

When we got back to the room we thought we’d have a watch of some Indian tv but found it didn’t work – along comes Harry and simply removes it and replaces it with another telly and box, job done. I also phoned up the guest house my cousin suggested we stay in when we go to visit her next week and THINK I booked a room… It was such a bad line and so so quiet though I wasn’t sure. She said 300rupees a night for AC double – that’s about 3.65euros. All of a sudden my cousin Raquel called us on Javi’s Indian sim and by the end of the call she had bought our train tickets for us! So nice! After a few hours Javi felt well enough for us to go and have a toastie at Blue Sky, go print our train tickets and get some more supplies from the supermarket (we’ve come to the conclusion they don’t sell water, as opposed to running out – missing out on that one) and then back to the room to do some sweaty-clothes washing. In the street three kids came and jumped on us with one little girl hanging off my arm like a monkey singing “hello girl, hello girl” aw it’s so hard to just gently brush them off, I tell you. Very hard.

After more rest about 5pm we ventured away a bit to find a park we’d heard about. We had to walk through a huge market packed into a very thin sidewalk along a very crazy 4 lane carriageway. It was less scary walking through there for some reason than down our own street – our corner is notorious for the drug users to sit, sell and take. Crossing the huge carriageway is always an experience here – you quickly learn to follow the locals and be brave in the face if huge buses and cars beeping their way towards you, ignoring the traffic lights that may or may not be working. The park was huge but it gets dark here extremely quickly and they don’t recommend being far from your hotel when it’s dark so we had to walk a bit faster home – luckily an Indian man ‘escorted’ us through the market haha – was very nice and charming and didn’t even get angry when he realize he was getting nothing from us. We went to the Spanish restaurant for a drink and Javi was still trying to activate the Internet on his Indian sim to no avail – we know its something to do with the iPhone and seeing as I brought my blackberry out ere with me I triggered ‘hey let’s just put the sim in my phone’ so we’ll do that tomorrow (Javi still hopes it’ll activate as he wants it to work on HIS phone and knows it’ll work on mine hehe). We went back to Blue Sky for dinner and met Sebastian there and also Susan, a lovely Italian lady I met at the orientation. She’s working in the children’s home and was telling us wonderful stories of the two kids she’s been assigned to as their adoptive family is Italian and collecting them next week, so the Sisters were delighted there was someone to teach them some Italian. One of them, the girl, was born with no eyes, and they’re both around five years old.

While we were eating dinner I got an email from my cousin offering to stay with we at her school (she lives there) so not only has this wonderful lady arranged our train tickets, sorted a taxi to collect us from the station (we arrive at 10.35pm and she says it is not safe at night there) she’s also offering us accommodation! I’m just so looking forward to going there. It’s also going to be wonderful to be able to touch and cuddle and play with all the kiddies as obviously the little ones in the street you can’t touch them and it breaks your heart.

So now it’s 9.30pm and we’re back in the hotel. Everyone here recommends to not be on the street too much at night as it’s not safe, and we really don’t mind seeing as we have to be up at 6am anyway! So on that note, off to bed.

Speak soon! (Daily blog successful so far, hope you’re enjoying and everyone’s all good in their respective countries!)


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