India Day 4 – Emotions and Monsoon

We were out on the street a little earlier today so walked to the Mother House with a load of people which does make the whole journey a lot nicer.. Also we both had scarves to cover our faces as walking past hanging warm meat at 7am on an empty stomach really doesn’t get easier. We were a group of about 15 walking the 45mins to Prem Dan too so again, was much more relaxed, even if we did nearly lose half of us. A woman sitting in the road grabbed my leg which was a bit horrible but you expect that here, especially in the 6 foot wide slum lanes we walk through.

So the routine was the same – wringing out the washing, this time I helped make  a million beds and was quite happy thinking I was doing it nicely but a Sister cheerfully showed me how to do it her way and made me do them all again. “Neat like this, no?” she said. Hehee they’re all so sweet. And it’s great they’re so stringent on neatness and cleanliness. I spent the day painting nails (got over my hatred of feet temporarily as a lady was so excited to have all nails the same colour), brushing hair (I was extra gentle with everyone until one tiny lady tutted and grabbed the comb out of my hand and roughly brushed her own hair), gave hand massages and made people laugh. I had a teary moment when I couldn’t find the first little lady I interacted with on Saturday and was pointed to a painfully curled up skeleton on a bed. I spent quite a bit of time sitting with her and just stroking her face and hands and arms. I don’t know if she was aware of any of it but it was heart-wrenching to see her shallow breathing and uncomfortable posture.

We managed to jump an autorickshaw bloody quick today, me and the Italian Kiara squeezed inbetween 2 Indian men – was the usual rollercoaster ride home – always fun, I love it! Oh Javi came from the mens side of the home with instructions from two of the residents to bring them the Telegraph and chocolate tomorrow, haha. When we returned to the hotel Harry was absent-mindedly picking through the pile of left behind clothes so we gained unexpected three pairs of cool pants (trousers sorry) and a t shirt! A little rest and then to Blue Sky for a curry mmm. I made the mistake of looking at the chicken and then immediately thinking of the dirty poor animals that are hung by their feet on bicycles that you only realise are alive when they unanimously cluck when going over a bump. It tasted fine before I bloody looked at it! But the sauce – phwoar, amazing. We then ducked into a shop to avoid the 2nd bout of monsoon rain today and shocker I ended up buying more pants (trousers) and 2 t shirts. To be fair I don’t own t shirts that don’t expose your shoulders and you cannot walk around showing that part of you so I have had to buy t shirts here. No biggie – 100rps each is 1.24euro.

Back in the room by 6.30 as shattered plus it’s been raining all afternoon – Javi siesta’d but we’ve discovered having Malarone just before sleep gives him serious nightmares inevitably about me, so we’ll be switching them to morning doses haha. 


So now it’s 10pm and off to bed. Looking forward to Prem Dan tomorrow. Excuse any typos or weird layout in this blog as typing this one from my Shitberry.

Hasta manana!


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