India Day 5 – Monsoon

I am ashamed to say we didn’t make it to Prem Dan today – the further along the walk to the Mother House we went, the closer to vomiting I got. I can’t stand that nauseous feeling and not knowing if you’re actually going to be sick or not. So I spent the morning sleeping it off (it sounds like we’re sleeping a lot of our time away here but the heat, smells, food, the work and the sights you see everyday – it all really affects you) and later we went to Raj’s Spanish restaurant for some pasta. We met Susann the Italian girl there who told us lovely stories of the boy in her care at her home – his adoptive family are coming to collect him next week and they’re Italian so how wonderful she’ll be able to see him again in Italy. It started monsooning again while we were having lunch so we stayed for a bit longer chatting. Right outside were three pups of about 4 weeks old and their mama – I watched them all sleep covered in flies and dirt until the smallest woke up and decided he wanted to play and started chewing his sibling’s ear. The other night one foreigner was carrying round a tiny sick kitten trying to find the mama – you just have to not look at these poor animals here and also remember the people live like that too – it’s really hard. 

The nice waiter in Raj’s Spanish (Raj?) also told us about a party they’re throwing this Friday. All about tasting their food and him matching the dishes to your individual pallete rather than changing the ingredients, and the best bit is they take names down now and bring saris for the ladies and attire for the men too – going to be amazing!

Back at the hotel we watched the street kids fighting from the porch – they had a new one with them today, must have been about 2 years old, in a yellow t shirt and covered in dirt like the rest of them. I just wanted to scoop them up and scrub them down and cuddle them. They’re really aggressive when they playfight too – like dogs fighting for survival. They were also tormenting a nearby dog too which I had to ignore.



We made a trip to the local cash point too – flanked by another couple. Sounds funny but it’s necessary! On the 1 minute walk back on our road we walked past three men squatting with their backs to the road. At first I assumed they were peeing but Javi told me they were injecting themselves. Sure enough the third guy I saw the needle. Makes me shiver.

The streets are becoming louder and rowdier each night as this weekend is the celebration of the end of Ramadan. Beautifully decorated shrines are popping up and music is played. I will try to get pictures but it’s pretty hard to get your camera out without 100 people seriously eyeing it, let alone pointing it at someone/thing. And that’s just my tiny compact one.

Sorry not much to report today but I was recooperating today. Now we’re hoping we’re done with feeling ill. Oh and we’re changing our Malarone time to the afternoon as when we take it just before bed Javi has had awful nightmares about ME and doesn’t want to wake up pissed off with me anymore – haha.

So night night, more tomorrow after another day Prem Dan – we both can’t wait to get back there 🙂


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