Guess Who’s Back…

Sooo I’ve not been around for a long while, months in fact, and I apologise for this to the people who were reading my blogs.  Since coming back from India I’ve been pretty busy with life and starting my new job as an English teacher in charge of 50 three/four year olds – I’m not really going to talk about that now as I’ve been here nearly the whole school year so not really a new issue anymore! You all know about it anyway.

So what am I going to write about? Well, for the moment, I’m not totally sure.  But I know I really enjoy writing and so need to get back into it.  Maybe I could even learn how to make money out of it one day… that would be nice!

For today I’ll keep it short.  St Paddy’s day is on Monday and here it’s quite common to see the bars celebrating it in some way or hosting events on the weekend closest to the day.  Javi and I met up with a nice bunch of people last night, some from work, some Spanish, some from my Spanish class, and we went into town to ‘have a few drinks.’  Honestly it was just a few and everybody had a good time, having a few pintxos on Garcia Rivero, a great road in Bilbao famous for its bars and their pintxos.  I had one with tuna (what a surprise, just to keep my mercury overload in check) and then our vegetarian of the group took us to a bar full of cheese! It was lovely and there I inhaled a crepe full of cheese and mushrooms, mm, was deliciously creamy.  After the standard few txakolis and beers for the boys we then decided it was time to move onto an actual Irish bar.  Off we went to Mike’s.  Now Mike’s is a bar called The Wicklow Arms in Bilbao owned by a genuine Irish guy called Mike.  The establishment covers 13square meters IN TOTAL, and it was rammed (didn’t really need to say that, did I) and people were spilling out onto the road and pavement.  We had the obligatory Guiness’ and after a while a few of the group left to go home.  Us remaining folk – Javi, myself, Courtney, Nick and Natalie went on to probably the most famous Irish bar in Bilbao, The Dubliners, where we enjoyed some live music, giant silly hats and a couple more Guiness’.  We also had a photo shoot amongst ourselves which resulted in some pretty funny pictures.

Today we woke up pretty late, had breakfast pretty late, showered and dressed pretty late and by the time that was all done it was the hour of lunch! So we skipped across the road in the gorgeous sun and treated ourselves to a pizza at local Italian chain, Tagliatella.  We didn’t even have starters just ordered beer, coke and water and two enormous pizzas.  I surprised even myself by finishing it – it was probably about 15 inches across.  After gorging ourselves we went for a slow walk along the seafront (otherwise we would have fallen asleep in the restaurant) and enjoyed the sun.  It was a tad nippy though as there is a breeze today.  On the way home we stopped for a coffee/tea in one of our favorite haunts, Pianamul, and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up some sun.  This bar is in a square so there was no breeze whatsoever, just beautiful hot sunrays beating down on us.  Lovely!  Javi was a little fragile in the sun so we soon headed home, and that brings us to now.

The flat is sunlit, the street is quiet for siesta time, and Disturbia is on TV (not seen it before so am half paying attention). Javi is siesta-ing next to me.

Happy Sunday.


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