That Failure Feeling…

I have now taken on a few more hours a week teaching a lovely class of four ladies, who are all funny and friendly and very nice indeed.  I had my first proper lesson with them on St Patrick’s Day so shockingly enough I themed the lesson to the man that is St Patrick.  I had a video all set up and a quiz and discussion on it afterwards but wait a second, the video decided it didn’t like the work computers and wouldn’t work for me. I tried to find it on youtube but didn’t want to spend more than 2 minutes on that in front of the students, so gave up and chose another video that looked like a decent short history on St Patrick’s Day.  I explained to them that not all the answers of the questions will be in this one as obviously it’s not the intended video but we will discuss it after anyway.

So we’re watching the video and it starts off great, it’s actually music with text over pictures so I thought ok let’s make this into a reading exercise (I did check with them it wasn’t too quick – I don’t know them well enough yet to be totally sure of their abilities).  After a few minutes of interesting and relevant facts it starts becoming a little pagan-orientated which was going off topic of what I wanted the class to be about.  I switched it off and we went through the questions, which resulted in me basically narrating the original video to them (good job I have a photographic memory, only watched the 8minute video the one time!) and then discussing the questions and answers.  This did not last until the end of the lesson so I instigated a discussion about Spain’s national holidays and how the ladies celebrated them.

I don’t think the ladies would have complained about the lesson but I moaned to myself as I ran to the bus which I thought running to was necessary but apparently not, froze my tootsies off for 10 minutes (now I know I can go for a wee after class).  I felt pretty dissatisfied with how it went and vowed to do better in my next class. Of course my compis (colleague friends) said don’t worry they’ve all had videos fail on them too, but you know, that feeling of failure lingered all evening!

St Patrick, pointing the finger

St Patrick, pointing the finger


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