A Gluttonous Thursday!

24 degree sunshine (I saw one sign that said 26), not a cloud in the sky, a failed attempt at getting to Spanish class (I got the metro and actually arrived at the building but didn’t have the balls to walk in half hour before the end of class), scrumptious food market and two great friends – what more could I have asked for today.

Firstly I just want to defend myself with the whole Spanish class thing.  I really did try today as Christine was going and I wanted to see her but I just had things to do at home then by the time I dragged my arse out and got the sloooooow metro I arrived waaay too late… oops?  LUCKILY there was a food market stall thingy right outside the school and by this time (midday) it was already 23 degrees so I entertained myself smelling all the different stalls and trying to contain my drool until the girls came out.  Then we picked up half a Basque chocolate cake – ok a Basque cake is kind of a pastry cake filled with cream and yummy, and this one was chocolate cream! – and an empanada which I still haven’t eaten nearly 12 hours later…  Then we went to what may become our usual spot down on the river and had a little picnic on a bench watching people go by, dogs play in the park behind us, while the sun beat down on our snowy white skin.  God it was good.


The time eventually came for us to go off to our private classes but a teeny tiny hour later Christine and I met for a Llao Llao.  Now this is a frozen yoghurt shop here which is basically heaven.  Cranking up their prices recently and being a tad stingy with their toppings but I am so obsessed with frozen yoghurt it makes up for it.  Today I discovered the ‘Sanum’ – a big cup which starts with a dollop of frozen yoghurt on the bottom, then a cereal (I chose caramelized sunflower seeds), then three different fruits (strawberries, mango and melon) more cereal (crunchy biscuit things) then a LOT of frozen yoghurt then sauce (chocolate of course).  I’m salivating now just writing about the memory.  We sat in the plaza of Indautxu in the sunshine and enjoyed our lunch/dessert/snack.  Then sadly, again, the time came to work so off we went and I grabbed the bus to Leioa.

My little kiddies in my Tuesday and Thursday class are my favorites and today we made St Paddy’s hats and I treated them by painting a rainbow on their little squidgy faces – it’s harder than it sounds, their cheeks are massive and so soft.  Pretty darn cute, even if I say so myself.  So now I have the tuna empanada, mmmm, to eat and also the strawberries and yoghurt that I prepacked this morning for my lunch – they’ll be alright no? I refuse to throw away a tub of Greek yoghurt so it better be.

Today was a good day.  A fat day but a good one.  And when I actually think about it, all I ate was some frozen yoghurt and fruit, and a slice of cake.  That’s basically the two snacks you can have in a day anyway.  Right where’s that empanada, I’m starving…


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