Pakistani Lunch & Italian Dinner

Today is Sunday but as the title suggests I am going to share with you the lovely food we consumed yesterday.  It’d been a plan for a couple of weeks for some of us from work to go for a curry at a place suggested by Drew and Barry across the water in Portugalete.  The morning was a long one at work so by the time all the kids were safely off with their parents I was trying not to openly salivate at the thought of the promising, authentic sounding curry. And a starter, main, rice, bread and a dessert lassi all for 7 euros. Bloody bargain!

We arrived and I think startled the guy by ordering for 7 people probably as the first customers of the day – we had a list sorted already before we even went in but it got a bit confusing as the Pakistani guy was speaking in English and Spanish to us while we were speaking Spanish to each other then English and Spanish back to him… and the menu was also in Spanglish so no one was sure what language we were supposed to be communicating in.  Anyway an hour later, after a few wines or beers for us that waited by the shop, we settled down in the house and tucked in.  My GOD it was soooooo good.  We had chicken curry, self explanatory, vegetable curry, nice kick to it, pakoras, kind of fried vegetable and potato and delicious, onion bhajis, more like onion rings from this particular place, chana masaala, a delicious chickpea dish, beef curry and a few more.  The first curry I’ve eaten here that actually had a kick to it (not counting the one I cooked the other weekend that nearly killed Javi and me) and it went down well with everybody.  Wine, beer and then rum and whisky were consumed heartily and it was a lovely relaxed chatty atmosphere for the whole afternoon.  The first moment of happy silence was broken a few hours later by someone murmuring, “I’m kinda peckish, I could so do a Tagliatella right now.”  I think maybe two minutes later we were all heading back over the river to my side to one of our staple restaurants, the Italian chain Tagliatella.

There we gorged on pasta, pizza, bread, and shockingly, a few of us had more wine.  I actually have no hard evidence but I think we got home about 10.30pm which was fantastic for a Saturday night.  Considering we started eating and drinking at 3pm and didn’t really stop or slow down too much.

Today I did wake up with a bit of a headache but forced myself to get on and make use of my one full day off a week.  The weather was forecast to be really bad but it has literally been half and half.  One minute it’s blazing sunshine and a blue sky and the next it’s windy, rainy and the sky is black, then back to blue and sunshine.  Back and forth for the whole day.  We walked to Puerto Deportivo and had lunch – carbonara pasta for starter and chicken escalope with chips for main and a Danone yogurt to wash it down – and walked it off all the way to the lighthouse, which is about a mile out from the beach.  It was pretty windy but the rain waited until we were safely in the cinema to pour down.  Another Spanish film understood under my belt, makes you feel good I tell you, when you’re learning a language!  When we finished everywhere was extremely wet, the grass along the path had transformed into a marsh, but again we didn’t get rained on walking home.

That brings us pretty much to now.  I have been trying to plan a class for tomorrow for my four adults but I know I am freaking out about it more than I need to.  It’s just still a little intimidating to have four women sitting four foot in front of you staring at you expectantly.  The whole point is it’s conversation class but as it was pointed out to me recently, these ladies pay for these classes themselves (as opposed to their parents or employers paying I mean) so there is a tiny bit of pressure on me compared to with my three year olds.

Well now I’m peckish again and Javi is asking questions about what we can eat for dinner so that’s at the forefront of my mind.  Lesson will be planned in the morning I guess then…


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