We’re Moving!

No no not out of the country (Pais Vasco) and probably realistically only down the road but I am SOOOOO excited to be finding somewhere we have chosen together and starting fresh on the same page! I’m bored of moving in with a boyfriend into their flat, now I have the chance to choose and move somewhere together, woohoo!! Javi’s exact whatsapp to be was as follows – “you wanted to look for flats, now you can.” Yesss!  Needless to say I did not go for a long few hour walk yesterday as planned but sat glued to my laptop (what a surprise) finding about 25 flats to look at.  And yes, I’ve been doing that all this morning too… crap it’s ten to 2!


Anyway, just a quick one to refresh you all!  Updates will be coming when we go see a few places and when we move – which should be within the next few months if we find somewhere we like… God I’m too excited! (Javi does not share in this excitement – it’s ok I told him I can be excited for the both of us!)




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