Countdown to Vietnam! 6 días

Yep, title says it all! We are officially and finally on the countdown to our trip to Vietnam.  We leave in 6 days time and have only just really put our full efforts into looking at tours and trips and things we want to do there – NOW I´m excited! July has been a crazy mental exhausting month of work and friends visiting and all of a sudden tomorrow is the last day of work aka PAYDAY and the staff party, then we have a wedding to look forward to at the weekend, a get together Sunday evening with dear friends then Tuesday we are gone! Oh god!


So we have our first four nights booked in what looks to be a beautiful hotel in Hanoi in the Old Quarter – thought we´d better have a bed booked at least for our arrival.  Javi has made best friends with the hotel receptionist and we are probably going to book a couple of tours through them to move around the North.  How exciting!  I made the executive decision to write a list of things we would like to do and place we´d like to see (like we did for Paris, although a blog never materialized for that one, sorry, life got in the way) and see how many we can tick off.  Of course the list can be added to along the way.


So for now I just wanted to rekindle this poor shriveled up twig of a blog and let you know I will be for sure blogging everyday  in Vietnam unless I am on a boat (which I will be!) or in some remote beautiful countryside area (also, totally probable) but on those occasions I will do my best to catch up when I have a spare moment. I thoroughly enjoyed blogging our adventures through our time in India last year so hey, let´s do it again.


Ok, I´m off to prepare my nails for my manicure appointment – oo er, yes this fits into the wedding part of the next week of my life, not the Vietnam bit.



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