Countdown to Vietnam! 4 días

Oh god oh god four days four days.  It´s hit me.

Ok mosquito repellent (the only bloody one that works on me is 100% DEET) check.

Mosquito net (just in case) check.

New bright red backpacker style backpack. Yes my first one. Check.

Microfibre towels. Check from last year. Check

Just came back from a rather healthy shop at Decathlon (maybe it´s overtaking Primark you know!) and now have added to my wardrobe several pairs of skorts, trousers that unzip to me shorts (trorts?) walking/hiking shoes, and these weird REALLY cool sandal things that have a really sturdy but flexible sole and have like a thick lace that winds all the way round the shoe and up round your ankle and can be tightened as much as possible.  Came with different colours so I now have green, pink and blue lace things.  Pictures to come as this description is just ridiculous.  You´ll see. So things to wear, check.

Insurance. What a palaver. Moneysupermarket have taken money off me but say they cannot find any policy with my name on it so meanwhile I´ve had to buy elsewhere but just done that so woohoo, check.

Soooo now we kinda just need to go!

While I´m waiting for the day to come I´m painting my nails for a wedding we are attending tomorrow and babysitting a wonderful baby in a little while.  Busy times but sure I´ve not forgotten anything…

Excitement is setting in!!!!!!


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