Countdown to Vietnam! 1 día!

Soooooooo NOW I’m excited! Bag is nearly packed, drugs and toiletries all in my clear plastic bag ready for inspection, scarf to cover shoulders in religious places packed, my lifesaving I’m-not-going-anywhere-without-you DEET in the bag, journal in my hand luggage (oo must remember to grab a pen or two). Pretty much there! Yes my passport is in the bag already.



In 24 hours we’ll be on the second leg of the journey flying our way from Paris to China, hopefully sleeping. We have 4.5hours stop in both airports so not too bad in my opinion. Walk about, eat, pee, window shop, nice and relaxed. We will be in the China airport from midnight to 5.30am so will be looking for a comfy corner to have a kip in I think, try and get the bodyclock in sync.

Well we’ve just had lunch so we better finish packing or I’m going to fall asleep at the table – so tired for some reason! Sure I’ll be like a kid at Christmas tomorrow morning! Oh and my brand new proper backpacker’s backpack is amazingly comfy!


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