Namming Day 6 – My First Kayaking Experience

Unfortunately we’d been up since 4am with Javi being pretty violently sick – not fun, poor guy. Today was the day we’d join another boat just for the day so our boat could go drop the one nighters off. We were dubious about changing boats with Javi in the state he was in but the tourguide convinced us, saying we’d get to see a totally different area of the bay and we can always rest on the other boat and not join in with the activities. To be fair there’s no AC during the day anyway so as long as there was a bathroom on the other boat then there was really no difference.

So after breakfast we jumped onto a day boat. We thought we’d be joining in with another group but actually it was all the two nighters from several boats coming together for the day. We had a funny older American lady with a big camera, a young Aussie girl who’d just graduated as a doctor called Portia, what a name. A couple from Leicester who were really nice, and a family that came from France but the mother was Vietnamese – really entertaining guys. Also the Aussie couple ‘Alex’ and her boyfriend came with us.

This boat took us round the corner to a different bay and there was literally only one other boat, it was perfect. We were glad we’d decided to come on this one even though Javi was so sick this morning, it was so different without the other tourist boats. Silent apart from the wildlife buzzing from the limestone islands. We dropped anchor in a little shallow passageway between the limestones and had a long while for swimming and kayaking. I’d been itching to get into a kayak as I’ve never done it before and what a place to try it for the first time! Poor Javi was not up for moving far from the sunbed so I went with Aussie Portia. She’d done it the day before on her boat so told me which way to have the paddle and off we went. There was only one other boat anchored here and it was so calm and shallow we didn’t even get given life jackets. Oh god it was such a peaceful stressless experience, I enjoyed it do much! The water was completely clear and you can see coral underneath you and to just sit in the middle of the islands bobbing about is so relaxing.  Liberating. We paddled our way towards a little cave you could go through, under the limestone, and went under. There were bats above us and freshwater from the rocks dripped on us (checked for bat shit after, we were good) and it was just so cool in there – temperature and impressive wise.  We came out the other side into a huge lagoon – I felt like mermaids should be jumping around us it was that kind of setting. Little tiny rocky beaches and little inlets and bright green foliage above the rocks. And that crystal warm water. We played around here for a while, trying to catch crabs from the kayak and just looking at everything. Then it was time to venture back to the boat.  This was a bit harder to get through the little cave as the current was pushing against us, really does your shoulders, what a workout.


Back on the boat they took us to another pretty spot and here we stopped for about 2 and a half hours for lunch and more swimming. Lunch was nice but Javi stayed up on the top deck as he couldn’t even stomach the smell of food. Poor guy was really suffering and this boat had no air con or even fans inside, I was suffering for the heat let alone if you feel so sick. After lunch I snoozed up on the sunbeds, trying to stay in the shade but it’s difficult when the boat is swinging around in the current. Haven’t got burnt yet though thankfully, the sun is sharp here, soon as it touches you your skin feels prickly. I wanted to jump in and have a little swim but the current was pretty strong here and I’m not a confident swimmer so didn’t in the end. Must swim at home more.

After lunch and a lot of sweaty rest we swung by a floating fishing village which was cute but we didn’t stop and all the locals disappeared into their houses when we pointed our cameras – felt a bit bad! Next stop was a floating pearl farm. Javi came off the boat for a break. This was quite cool to see the process from sea to jewellery, it’s more complicated than you think, and we also enjoyed the fans in the shop hehee. They had lots of pens with fish in them too – one net had tons of tiny seethrough fish in it but then this big blue fish came up from the depths and hung out at the surface, almost posing. It was really weird, used its dorsal and pectoral fins to swim, flapping those alternately and using the tail for a rudder. It was a beautiful pastel blue with lighter blue spots, with kind of a parrot beak (maybe it was a parrot fish). Before we got back on the boat we bought a big bottle of water and stashed it in Javi’s backpack – you get charged if you bring outside products onto the boat and create bad feeling.




After another hour or so cooking ourselves we eventually got back onto our boat. This was funny because we just kind of met our boat in the open water and they shoved their noses together and we jumped across. Phew. We went straight to our room to wash our faces, not that that really refreshes you but at least it’s water on your face for a minute not just sweat droplets. We had a new tourguide and new people but they were all really cool, a bit louder than the other group we were with. We did the spring rolls again and had dinner, well Javi sat outside and I took him a bowl of chicken and rice. It was so funny coz they’d separated the big long table and told us four to sit alone on the separated table! We thought maybe they’ll give us different food but nope, we just had to be segregated, felt like we were on the naughty table! As I write this they’re setting up the tables for lunch (we’re a day ahead timewise coz I’ve not had wifi obviously but have been writing each night) and I can see they’ve given us our own table again hahaa! Makes us laugh.

So after dinner we pretty much immediately collapsed in our room as soon as they announced the air con was available now. Oh to sleep to sleep to sleep…..


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