Namming Day 12 – A Little R&R

We lazily woke up today (well you’re wide awake at 6am with the blinding sun but then you snooze) and went down for breakfast about half 8. The lady of the hotel asked tea or coffee and then set about making us eggs. I think we’re one of two rooms taken in the whole hotel which is actually not a bad thing as it’s nice and quiet, plus we get kind of a personalised service. We were given two fried eggs each done just how I like them, tomato and bread with philadelphia cheesy triangles. It actually was a hearty breakfast as the baguette bread they have here is so soft and big it fills you up – very tasty.

We then left and spent our morning on the beach, under the same lovely palm tree. We were in and out of the sea all morning and because we got there at 10am, we experienced the sea starting off nice and cool then getting hot surprisingly quickly. I even went in on my own, get me! There was absolutely nobody around again but it was heaven, like a private beach. Lunch was in a gorgeous little place halfway back to our hotel, called Bamboo Restaurant, yep bamboo was their main decoration and very pretty it was too. We ate beefy dishes then sheltered in our room for the hottest part of the day. It was even hotter today than yesterday but because it’s a dry heat you don’t sweat your arse off – much more pleasant!





In the hotel we booked ourselves into a bit of a luxurious hotel in Hoi An for tomorrow for 3 nights – pool, gym, spa, jacuzzis.. bring it on. After showers we left just as it was getting dark because we wanted to see the sun go down from the beach. Plans changed slightly as when we got to the beach it was absolutely packed as far as you could see with locals! The pavement had transformed into a parking lot for all the bikes and there were people EVERYWHERE. Ah ha, of course the locals stay out of the sun and then come and use the beach when the sun is going down. Makes perfect sense really. The huge shower area we’d walked through earlier was packed and smelt wonderful as we walked past. Didn’t think it was appropriate to take pics of people showering so there’ll be none of that.

The sky was amazing – when you looked out to sea the right side was blue and darkening and there was a diagonal line separating that colour from bright pink sky – beautiful and really odd! Behind looking towards the city there were some unusual shaped clouds outlined with pink and the sun shining out behind them. It was a pretty romantic setting. To the left if you looked along the coast there were dark blue and grey clouds with a huge lightening display going on inside! I couldn’t figure out my camera in time so just took a video – it was so cool as there was no thunder no rain but constant lightening in this big group of clouds. Impressive viewing.

We ended up in a massive beach bar for a few beers and it was so funny to watch all the people come out from the attached hotel to have their buffet dinner. It was beautiful – all the dinner tables were in the sand and a huge stage was between them and the sea, blaring out a mixture of euro pop, dancey stuff but getting people going. There were families with beautiful little kids dancing and also groups of young girls competing in who could wear the least clothing and the highest shoes. Some crazy outfits on these skinny skinny girls! The whole crowd was Vietnamese so it seems Da Nang is a good beach spot for natives too, for the weekend or holiday I reckon.

We returned to the same restaurant for dinner because it was so damn good and then crashed in the hotel, a little tipsy after a few Tigers to be honest. We realised we’re not snacking between meals at all here, I don’t know how I’ve lasted but it’s obvious I can survive with no snacks haha. We’ll see when I’m back home.

We are going to sleep pretty chuffed as a car from our next hotel 30kms away is coming to pick us up tomorrow morning, ooooo!


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