Namming Day 16 – Cycling in 40 degrees

Today we’d decided to get up nice and early (like we’re not everyday anyway) and were full of breakfast by 7 and in the pool. It was lovely because there was only one other person there at that time of the morning. Also it was easier to acclimatise to the daily heat this early. We hung out in the pool for the morning, chatting to an Aussie lady who’d just popped over to Vietnam to meet up with her friends for 10 days – like it’s a casual thing!

Around midday we took a couple of the bikes and after dropping off laundry nextdoor we went into the Old Quarter for lunch. We found a tiny little place and had amazing beef and chicken burgers. Then we somewhat stupidly set off for a long ride out along the main road towards the other beach, and we suffered for it, it was so hot! It was beautiful though, such lovely scenery and cute little shops.

On the way back we stopped at the tailors to collect our clothes. We needed a good 15 minutes sitting infront of the AC unit and drinking the cold water they gave us before we could even think about having the last fitting. The suits and my dress were perfect so we waited for 10 minutes for the lady to remove all the threads and chalk marks and voila, our first tailor made clothes!

Back at the hotel we relaxed during the hottest part of the day and then got the free hotel shuttle into the Old Quarter for dinner (it was raining, we’re not that lazy – I’m really surprised some people on Tripadvisor moaned about the walk being too long, it’s like 20 minutes maximum). We wanted to eat in Mango Mango, a place rhe Aussie had recommended, so we crossed over the beautiful bright bridge and found it easily. It was a stunning setting, even in the rain, and we sat down at heavy iron furniture on the terrace. However, when we were given the menu it was a tad expensive for us so we just had a beer and left! We saw another couple do exactly the same as us and another just looked at the menu and left, so we didn’t feel bad. I had the best noodles I’ve ever eaten in the next place anyway. Mm mm.





We crossed back over the river and returned to the gorgeous Italian for a pancake and delicious New Zealand ice cream. It was now raining harder than before so we jumped in a taxi back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we have an amazing looking full day tour so we’re gonna get an early night.  We’re tired so easily here and fall asleep as soon as our heads touch our pillows, it’s ridiculous! Well nighty night!


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