Namming Day 18 – To the Big City

Saturday 23rd August


Today we were heading to the big city, Ho Chi Minh, so, even though we’d booked a hotel with a pool, we decided to make the most of the gorgeous hotel we’d been in for the last five days and got in the pool really early, before anyone else was about.  It was beautifulness and we lazily showered, made sure we’d packed everything away and got in the same private car that had picked us up from Da Nang a few days earlier.  The check in and airport time was easy and great and the flight only one hour, looooovely, and then back into another car to take us to our new abode.


Straight away we could see the difference between Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam but slightly smaller in size, and Ho Chi Minh.  There are enough people and bikes in Hanoi but Ho Chi Minh is significantly more.  Also immediately you notice the size of the buildings, sorry, skyscrapers, in this city, and the cosmopolitan feel of the place.  We drove along huge roads and through tree lined avenues, some areas rather nice, and finally reached our hotel. It’s not far from the airport but of course the time it takes totally depends on the traffic, which is always mental.  We checked into the skyscraper that was our home for the next two nights and went straight up to the restaurant on the 14th floor as we were both starving  – it was nearly 3pm I think by this time. The menu offered everything for everyone and I had honestly nearly the most amazing pepperoni and veg pasta I’ve ever had, while Javi had a big beefy burger. That’s better.  Our room was nice and large and the shower again a big rain shower (which we are growing to love) and after lunch we crashed.



And that is the end of this days post.  Javi started snoring the second he hit the pillow while I started to blog about the day before (the long eco tour post I’ve had trouble publishing but is finally now sorted, woohoo).  With numb fingers and an aching head I too fell asleep after not too long and when we woke up it was dark and about 9.30pm… we couldn’t muster the energy to do anything and… well that’s that… hello Ho Chi Minh. Until tomorrow.


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