Life Begins Again

Maybe it’s a bit of a dramatic title but I’m referring to that time when you come back home from a holiday and normal routines start slotting back into place. Oh it’s not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, but it does take a while to get back into the swing of what your life was before you had that amazing holiday. Today we had our first tortilla and my first glass of mt beloved txakoli, it made us feel more back at home. Did miss that stuff.


So tomorrow is September. Today is officially the last day of our holidays off work. Javi starts back tomorrow and I have training to attend to throughout September. Before that starts I have my parents visiting this week so that’s a perfect distraction. To be fair, the To Do list is pretty exciting.

Join the gym – after my parents have visited or I’ll feel silly not using it
Grow something – I’ve already bought some seeds and am attempting to grow herbs and veggies (we’ll see how that goes)
Get a haircut – half of it is gone and I am throwing out the white girl afro
Renew my drivers license – ESSENTIAL
Renew my passport – after Christmas. It’s so expensive I need to get over that first
Do about 21 Tripadvisor reviews – 3 down
Put up mosquito net – I have been bitten more times in the first two nights back than in Vietnam, done


So as you can see I’m trying to be productive and will be filling my precious time over September with lots of probably pointless but time wasting things.  Anyone up for anything let me know.

Oh and also it has to be mostly, if not totally, free.

Challenge accepted.


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