Blame It On The Weather

Well, as if you haven´t already guessed, I haven´t blogged for a while and it just do happens to coincide with starting work again at the beginning of October.  More hours means more money (great) but also more initial planning (meh) so I´ve been rather busy trying to organise myself, while still trying to have a life on the pennies left over from the summer.  Not having an income for 3 months is pretty damn hard, as any of you teachers know, and we now only have 5 days to wait until the magical October payday. Oh god, I´m going to count it as 4 as we´re already on Monday, woohoo! Surprisingly I haven´t already spent this money that is on it´s way – using my credit card doesn´t count right?


So the last month has seen 2 new laptops (well one went back), a cafetera that Javi and I love a bit too much, a surprise birthday dinner organised by the great ones in my life, getting lovely presents from friends from far far away, a weekend spent in the countryside near Burgos with ALOT of people and children, lots of visits to the police station (I´m in the long-arse (anything admin related is long-arse over here) process of transferring my UK license to a Spanish one as it´s expired – shit means I´ve had it for 10 years, doesn´t make me feel old at all), obtaining my green card proving I´m all good to work and live and do what I want here (only took 2 years), hikes along the cliffs of La Galea and up Serantes, crazy hot weather like 31 degrees in this month that is supposed to be cold and rainy and windy (I am not one of those who is complaining, trust me), and looking around me now, apparently my office has been breeding papers, books, files and stationary.  Well that´s it, the second bedroom of our flat truly is my office now – I´ve finally managed to separate worklife and lifelife and am not allowing my laptop out of this room.  The result is the room is full of papers with half drawn ideas on them, bits of foam and coloured paper on the desk, huge flatpack cardboard boxes shoved down the side of the desk – I KNOW they´ll come in useful for something, godamit – and just general officey-work things.



It´s not been overly stressful planning this year for work, I have last years stuff as a template and have more books this year to guide me through what I´m actually supposed to be teaching.  Time goes too fast sometimes though and although I´m all planned up until Christmas already, we´ve already done a month in the blink of an eye.  Well, now we´re all looking forward to having Friday, Saturday AND Monday off the first weekend of December – hello, yes please, woohoo mini break away! The plan is to go to Picos de Europa with some of the great ones mentioned before, and have a relaxed weekened of ruralness, peace and quiet, no kids and cooking with an oven, yay! Pizza pizza pizza!


Well, I just this minute remembered I made my breakfast about half an hour ago and it´s still sitting in the kitchen on the side, ugh sometimes anything can distract me, sooooo I´ll leave this one as it is and return later. I will. When I remember.




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