It´s Happening Again

Let´s be honest. This blog has clealy just morphed into a holiday journal. I just don´t have the time or energy (aka motivation) to keep it up about anything else. That would make travelling a passion right? RIGHT!


… well, as you already know, we are off on our next big trip, this time to New Zealand, in only 7 DAYS!!! That´s one week and VERY nearly counting on one hand! We are very lucky to be able to go at this time of year and not have to wait till the usual August when we both are off work, but there is a special reason for this one.  One of my dearest friends is getting married and a year ago asked me to be a bridesmaid. Of course my instant answer was YEEEEES!


So to keep this one short, as I have to get back to packing (am doing it in stages as still need to leave clothes and stuff to use for the next torturous week) and if I keep typing – you know me, I won´t stop and… you get it.  So yep we are nearly ready for this one – still have to get insurance as I have found travel insurance in Spain is ridiculously expensive so I have left it to Javi to sort out this week. I´ve just formatted all my SD cards and got all the electrical junk together we are taking. My clothes are currently in piles on the bed and I have somewhere around the house about 4 lists of things to do, pack or buy. I´ll get to it all!


The point of this one is to roughly lay out our itinerary, and to promise I will be blogging like previous years (I´ll try everyday to keep it fresh).  I was totally boggled at first how to do an itinerary but luckily I have many people on my list to visit over there and so there locations kind of were the plan.  Then a friend of my dad´s, a Kiwi of course, very kindly offered to draw up a couple of different routes we could take using these locations and we have decided to pretty much go with that. Of course if we are driving and an interesting road crops up, I will be turning down it as much as time allows.  We have 4 weeks and 6 days in the country and luckily arriving in Christchurch and departing from Auckland so no faffing about going back on ourselves.


This is the idea…

Christchurch for the first week to do all things weddingy an enjoy being with two of my favorite Kiwis, Ro and Kate – lots of crying will happen and I´ll need time to get over my emotions – and to pick up our wonderful sounding campervan home! I´m going to feel like a turtle driving around with a house attached. Neither of us have ever done campervanning so it is going to be one huge experience!

On Sunday 6th we´ll say sad goodbyes to my newly married friend and head off, down to Queenstown and Milford Sounds. On the route from Chch to Milford Sounds we´ll be stopping along the way for nights and activities and all that, gaaah getting excited just typing this..!

Then back through Wanaka and up the west coast to the glaciers, another totally new adventure for us, can´t wait! After that we´ll cross the island and head up to Kaikoura on the east coast and then on up to Picton to get the ferry around the 20th March, give or take a day or two. As everyone says, I´m already crossing my fingers for smooth seas…

Once on the North Island we´ll go from Wellington up through the centre of the island visiting friends, camping at lakes and discovering everything inbetween, heading towards Rotorua. There we are hoping to meet with more friends and then on up to Auckland, passing Hobbitown and doing the LOTR stuff. We aren´t true geeks about it but as I´ve seen them all I´m insisting it´s on our list, and I´ve heard it´s cool to see anyway.

We won´t hang about in Auckland long as we want to be up with another friend in Whangarei for our last weekend and do exciting things up there, then after that visit we will return to Auckland and explore there, ending with spending time with another friend there. Oh also we need to fit in a night with a friend of a sister of a friend´s in her Māori village somewhere near Auckland.

Then on the 30th we drop off our home on wheels and have our only two nights of the whole trip without him/her (TBC), hopefully relaxing to be honest before our flight on the 1st April.


Well, that´s all I´m giving you for now as there is just too much info to share and then if you read the blogs you´ll already know what´s coming. But the idea is lots of nature, wildlife, photography, food, friends and driving ourselves along!

First, I´m going to enjoy my 3rd annual Food Party tomorrow, and seeing friends next week. Oh yeah and work…



2 thoughts on “It´s Happening Again

  1. What a wonderful experience is going to be for you both, I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to reading all the blogs

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