We Made It!

Well, it’s currently 7.02am and we are both quite awake. But we’re not calling it jetlag coz we did go to bed at 9am so that’s an amazing 10 hours horizontal sleeping!

The flights were uneventful,  a little turbulence in the third one I think when I’d just been served tea so it was more a roll of the eyes and a balancing game to not get burnt  (or more like waste my tea). The second flight was 6 hours and went so slow just coz we weren’t really tired yet, then the second was 6 again and also went slow but I definitely slept more. I love how now they have stickers to put on your earphones to indicate please do not disturb,  wake for duty free or wake for food. Yeah you so know which one I had permanently stuck on mine for every flight. I noticed at the very end of the journey though you’re supposed to put this sticker on the top of the chair… but the stickers shape is exactly like the earphone so… Hey ho I didn’t want any mistakes to be made with why I wanted to woken up aye! The fourth flight we expected 10 hours but the info on the plane said 8h30m so that was a great start to a fairly quick feeling flight. We were kept from ever getting hungry with so much food and snacks and drinks it was great and much appreciated. I took snacks all the way from Spain but still have them all right now in my bag. Good to know. Now I realise why Ro said to us before we went to bed if we get hungry in the night just look in the kitchen… jetlag hunger! I was more hungry than Javi through the flights coz I was suffering so much with my ears at every descent I got through a whole packet of chewing gum. .. which resulted in me being very ready for the next meal when it came. I also developed a very stuffy head pretty soon on thanks to bring in constant air con. Each descent brought tears and I don’t think Javi realised how much pain I was in till he saw that! The second half of the journey I couldn’t hear a thing… it’s quite frightening!



Anyway so at each airport we only had 1 or 2 and a half hours so sometimes not even time for a loo break. The last leg of this huge journey was a 2 and a half hour flight Sydney to Christchurch, and as soon as I got a glimpse of the Kiwi coast my tired, painful ears and head were totally forgotten and I started acting like a child at Disneyland.  Javi was like whoa you’re excited now! Er hell yeah!



We flew over the south island and landed quickly in Christchurch. .. oh my god oh my god oh my god I’m gonna see my friends I’ve not seen in 4 years in minutes now not hours or days or 5 flights or years!! I  whizzed through the epassport scanner thing while poor Javi had to wait in the other line. I’d got our luggage and was sitting on the floor tugging my ears snd fake yawning when eventually about 20 minutes later he came through and we went and declared we had biscuits and boots, got our boots checked, exchanged some cash and I made a run for it out the exit door. Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Kate and Ro!!!  It’s crazy when you Skype people for so long, so we’re talking nearly 4 years since I’ve been in Spain,  so when you see each other you really do just continue and pick up where you left off and it was just like that. A little weird and totally amazing to be able to hug thenlm and touch them and now I’m more Spanishified so I touch people all the damn time. Isn’t as we odd as it sounds I promise. No really.

Soo hugs and squeals and laughter later we dropped Kate off at her car and went home to Ros gorgoeus new house to meet the pup and cat. Then a little jaunt to the supermarket for dindins and Javi realising he’s the only smoker in NZ haha.

Dinner was great and bed was imminent. So yeah we collapsed and I think we were asleep before we even got under the covers. So we were awake at 6 am but 10hours straight sleep should sort us out!

I’m gonna get up now as off for the dress fitting this morning with my bride Kate, ooo exciting, then out for the day to a nearby seaside town with our Ro!

Later folks!! WE MADE IT!!


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