7th – Wanaka Walking

If you hadn’t guessed today we decided to hang around Wanaka – it’s such a pretty town and we had a great spot on the water to leave Joey.


We shared breakfast with the overly friendly ducks (naughty I know but we couldn’t resist!) and put our walking boots on. Following a trail we crossed the river from the camping spot and walked along it on the other side, all the way to a point called Beacon Point on Lake Wanaka. I think it was only about 12km but the weather was hot and breezy = perfect. We stopped, sorry I stopped, to take photos around every corner just because I could not (and still cannot) get over the colour of the water in this place! Crystal clear but vibrant aqua blue and absolutely stunning. We got lots of pretty pictures needless to say, especially with the bright green grass in the foreground. We found a cool swing too! Signs told us we were walking along the Clutha River towards the outlet. The views all around were amazing. We also passed some cute wee little houses made of wood and corrugated iron.


When we got hungry we stopped on the stony beach and ate our picnic – huge baguettes of course stuff full of stuff – and then turned around to go home. I must say I’m enjoying eating at Kiwi/English times. We are up by 7am with the sun, having lunch by 1pm latest, dinner by 7pm and bed about 9pm, it’s great!


We were back with Joe by 2.30pm and while Javi took a siesta I got my chair out and plonked it in the river, fetched my map and my journal, set my bottle of water in the river and sat myself down. Aaai how nice was it to have my feet in the freezing cold water and the boiling sun beating down on me! This is la puta vida, pardon my Spanish.


After relaxing a couple of hours we decided to go into town again and do a little food shop and wander some more. We stocked up our little baby fridge and then went to Wanakas i-site shop and picked up probably about…erm… 21 leaflets haha. We decided to go sit and have a drink in a cool huge open bar (not that kind of open you alcoholics amongst you) and I set about ordering the leaflets according to when we’d be there and what we wanted to do and comparing those prices to ones online on discount sites etc… we came away from this day with a trip booked to go up to the top of Fox Glacier in a helicopter and then walk around for a few hours then helicopter down, and with our ferry tickets safe in our inboxes. People were telling us to get those booked asap so we felt we had to get on it. And also to get an early morning crossing for better chances of calmer seas. Gulp. So we are booked on the 8am ferry on the 20th. See you then North Island!


Today was a nice day of exploring on foot and getting lots of info for things we want to do in the next few days. Back to Joe and we cooked up a couple of steaks with salad and couscous. Chunkiest couscous I’ve ever seen but the shop only had one choice and we got 1kg of the stuff – still yummy and easy! Another night under the stars in Albert Town on our little patch of river, tomoro off to the famous Queenstown.


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