11th – Wine & Shite

The title of this one may confuse you. Wait for it.

We had a veeeerry lazy morning this morning in our schmancy holiday park, having long showers and fixing up Joe – tidying up a bit you know. We left at 10.30am (not so late you’re thinking but here for us yes it is,  we’ve been up and ready to go by 8am most mornings, what did I say – up with the sun!) And decided to have a chilled out day winding our way back to Wanaka for our skydive tomoro eek.

Our first stop was a little town called Lumsden,  it’s just a junction town really but we picked up our coffee and chai, looked at some pretty views and kept going. On the road we stopped at a couple of signs for short walks and stretched out legs out.


Next we decided to detour (well just stop really) in a town called Cromwell, of course situated on a lake. The geocaching couple we met a while back had said they were headed there so it’d stuck in my head and was as good a place as any to stop for the night. Also Sarah, Kates husbands sister, my fellow bridesmaid, had mentioned a couple of wineries there – one in particular that caught my attention was called The Wooing Tree. Well we found it and had a very nice little fancy lunch there. The recommended bottle of Pinot was actually exquisite and we took the rest of it home for the fridge for later. The little winery was very pretty and manicured, and sat on a little reservoir in the middle of all their vines. It was boiling hot in the garden there which we enjoyed. After lunch we ended up having a very long walk around the town – we didn’t get lost as such just wandered as far as we wanted, it just  turned into one of those walks where you suddenly hit a wall and want to be home right then and have to walk aaaall the way back. It was like that.



We got back in Joe and did a little food shop and as the sun was setting made our way to our spot for the night, a campsite called Lowburn on the river. Not a nice name. Made me squirm a bit. Anyway we parked right on the water where a few gulls and ducks were waiting to greet us and cooked up some steaks. The view was lovely and it was far enough off the road to be quiet, plus all the other campers were quietly sitting outside their little homes with beer and dinner so it was a nice relaxed atmosphere. I took a glass of our Wooing wine and a bowl of Doritos and went and sat leaning against a flood meter pole. I had just had a nice satisfying sigh and a mouthful of wine when I felt a slight tug in my hair… what the..? I carefully looked up and argh, a seagull was looking down on me with its butt. Ew. Moment totally ruined. Went back to the van and put my cardigan in the wash bag and Javi baby wiped the shite out of my hair. Supposed to be lucky right? I’ve never been shat on before!



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