12th – The Jump!

Ooooooo I woke up SO excited this morning for this skydive. I couldn’t actually believe we were going to do it… it’d never crossed my mind really before until Javi said it was the one thing he wanted to do in NZ. Well alrighty! I was a teeny bit nervous buy the kind of nervous like you’re going on a date? Weird comparison but butterflies in the stomach type feeling.

Our jump wasn’t scheduled till 2pm so we went and visited the dump station in Wanaka town and wandered around for a bit. There was a big agricultural show on right there on the waterfront with cows and sheep and dogs and horses galore so we watched that for a bit through the fence (too tight to pay for the entry ticket haha, all our dollars were being spent on throwing ourselves from a plane, uff) and paid a visit to a pharmacy as Javi wanted to ask about ear plugs for the jump. They weren’t necessary but we did get some of that nose spray pump stuff for when you have a cold coz if you had even the slightest hint of one – which I’d had since arriving off the stupid 33h plane journey – it’d hurt going up in the unpressurised plane. My ears had been popping the whole holiday since we got here so I decided it couldn’t do any harm.

We arrived at the airport and were instantly made to feel at ease with chatty, funny, young crew there whose job it is to joke with you, make you talk about yourself and ask about your travels etc. We ticked all the paperwork (well paperwork on individual ipads!) and chose our music for the different part of the videos. We chose the total package so our beautiful stranger (that’s what they call them) attached to us would have a gopro on their wrist for close ups and also we would have each a camera flyer who gets you from a distance and also not so distant… well if you’re only gonna do it once… and we chose video and photos…! So we were suited up into our bright red jumpsuits and a tight helmet with goggles given to us. We were given pens to write something on our hands to show once we were in the air (sorry in advance) and met our camera fliers and beautiful strangers. Mine was a guy from Sussex who’d been here for 6 years sky diving huh. He was making me laugh and chat so doing a great job as now was not backing out time, my camera man Chris did a little prejump interview then we loaded ourselves into the tiny bright orange plane that looked like a tin can. Ooo now I was VERY excited and giggly. There were two soft pole going lengthways inside the plane and we all straddled it with one leg either side, beautiful stranger, nervous person, beautiful cameraman, etc, squished right up together. Javi was last to get in and as they slid the door closed I (and I’m sure he too) realised that meant he was first to jump!!

The flight up was 15 mins and my beautiful stranger spoke to me every now and then and had his arms everywhere strapping my harness to his harness and checking all my straps and stuff… reassuring! The views were instantly incredible and I loved looking out the window for the whole thing. You could see a ton of mountains and lakes and rivers, ugh just stunning. And great clear sunny weather too! We got up to 12,000ft and the door opened… I was thinking so I shout see ya or something but the air changed sound slightly and Javi was gone! That was awful watching him hanging for one second over the edge and then just… gone! I was third to go and jeez my turn came round in a out 30 seconds. I was pushed out to hang on the plane with my legs tucked UNDERNEATH IT (!) while my beautiful stranger sat in the edge then us and my cameraman just dropped.

Yeah. Dropped. For those of you who haven’t done a skydive, this is the moment when you’re like, fuck. What did I just do. But then you scream and that relaxes you and you laugh and your beautiful stranger us giving you the thumbs up sign and my cameraman was dropping in front of me and reminding me to smile at him and show him my hands. In my freefall panic I showed my hands the wrong way which was pretty dumb haha but I was trying not to dribble/snot/scream but the rushing air dried out my mouth in seconds and my goggles were cutting into my cheeks. I honestly thought I’d have bloody lines when I landed. In all this we freefell for a whole 45 seconds which felt like nothing when you’re gently spinning upside down and seeing lakes and snow topped mountains around you, and then my beautiful stranger pulled the parachute.  And said well it worked so that’s good. Haha very funny! Then we were both in a sitting position and basically chatted all the way down,  twirling gently on the wind. That was amazing and surreal and relaxing and weird. But even in that moment I thought argh I want to do this again. We landed beautifully in the field where Javi was already down and waiting and my cameraman got my post interview to which I think I just gasped amazing or so cool or something to that effect. My legs were pretty wobbly at first coz I think my harness had cut off a little of the circulation but WOW I felt so energised and also starving hungry. We felt light as air walking back through the hanger to the next lot of waiting people, gushing at them how amazing it was and don’t be scared blah blah.  All the things you of course say after.

Uff so after buying a cheeky couple of souvenir t shirts and collecting our usbs with our evidence on them – we watched the videos there so funny, but photos have to wait – we for back in Joe and were both just like, we can’t believe we’ve just done that and now it’s over. We really wanted to do it again! Was such an exhilarating amazing rush of adrenaline. And neither of us are extreme sports type people in the slightest – so glad we did it! Got little certificates too aye.

We drove along a gorgeous sunny windy road for only about 45 mins away from Wanaka north before we decided to stop and just get over what we’d done for the rest of the evening. Boundary Creek was our campsite for the night and it was nice and sheltered on the edge of a lake. Yep lakes every damn night, lovely jubbly! We happily crashed into bed very early the night, too much excitement for one day.


2 thoughts on “12th – The Jump!

  1. What an experience!! It Is worth doing something like that at the right moment, and not leaving it for another time. Very brave both of you.

  2. Yay so glad you got to do it! I did one for my 21st and it was the best feeling ever doing something you never thought you would be able to do! That feeling will definatley stay with you for life!!

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