18th – Wino

No not me, this was the name of the winery tour I took this morning. The minute I stepped into the minibus and met the Aussie couple, a Scotsman, a British guy was Surrey and the Kiwi winemaker guide there was great banter. I was the only person to join at 12 rather than 10am and that meant I missed the behind the scenes tour of a winery and the workings of it, and just joined as they started the tastings and lunch. Hence the name of the tour. So that was my reputation slashed haha.

So standard winery tour really so I won’t go into too much detail but we parked in a supermarket car park and they picked me up – Javi wasn’t interested so off I went. We drove a little way down the road and straight to a tasting of a out 8 different wines – sparkling, rose, red, white and dessert. Yep we were pretty good friends after that first stop already. The next stop was actually lunch which was handy and we filled ourselves up with fish and salad and potatoes and it was very tasty. Oh with a little wine tasting after ordering and then sharing a bottle with the two gentlemen hehe. After that we went onto a last winery which I’m sure nobody was going to remember the name of anyway and enjoyed ourselves there. Then back to the supermarket carpark for me! I got poor Javi to take a couple of photos of us all haha then bye bye to my new friends.

Due to me being a little squiffy, as my Dad would say, Javi drove us out to our campsite for the night to a pretty site on a lake called Watamomo Bay. It was pretty and we quickly cooked up some amazing beef and shoved it in with hummus, cheese and salad into a wrap (I was extra hungry thanks to the wine but you know, I’m always hungry anyway, and the beef was SO good! No really not just coz I was drunk but the beef here is always so tasty).

That was our/my day today! Javi enjoyed a walk and siesta while I was wining.


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