27th – Easter on the Beach

We all woke up when we woke up which was nice and with the landlords from upstairs went outside to check the cars. Skid marks on the road went about an inch away from Jens car and pretty much the same with our van… wow they were just so close! There was a red Holden sitting in the road with a huge dent in the side of it which we hoped was one of theirs. Sure enough a little while later a kid comes out of the party house and goes and inspects the car – haha instant karma matey! How embarrassed/pissed must he have been!



We had a lazy breakfast, packed our picnic bits and beach stuff and jumped in the car. First down to the waterfront here in Whangarei as I insisted we see the town Jen lives in not everything else but. She took us along the harbour which was nice and then through a little mangrove tree boardwalk – very pretty. Then it was beach time as the weather was again DELIGHTFUL and our destination was Ruakaka Beach in Bream Bay. Aaaargh the sand was so light and fine and the water clear and that kiwi turquoise – we laid out our towels and chilled out here for a good couple of hours. What joy to eat our Easter eggs on the boiling hot beach. Heaven.





We came back to the waterfront at Whangarei and got some thick amazing milkshakes and enjoyed the next couple of hours of beautiful sun here on a picnic bench, catching up all over again. After a little wander and a third refusal at Jens invite to take us to the clock museum we got back in the car and headed home as we were all ready for it. Plan for tomoro is to say goodbye to Jen (too many goodbyes hmm) and for me and Javi to head off once again in Joe to the beach with the best name ever…


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