Who am I and What is this?

Hey there, you all know me as Sam, Smiffy, Samantha (don´t use that please, unless I´ve been naughty), Curly Poo, Mamba, that one with the glasses. Over here I am known as Sammy.  Pronounced Sah-MEE.

To keep it short, in 2012 I basically decided I had enough of my life in England and its weather and to come and explore España! Embrace that side of my heritage and all that jazz! I’ve been to a few cities but sadly was a baby/youngster so don’t have any memory of the times I have been anywhere else but the place you will hear me mention a lot, San Sebastian aka Sansan to my family (and now Kate, Gem, Ro etc)…

So, in a nutshell I guess, and to use the usual adjectives (jeez now I feel like I´m filling in a dating profile) I am outgoing, passionate (no, not angry, PASSIONATE) adore the sun, strangely like both animals and children, enjoy caring for things (namely animals and children, not plants – although I am getting better), I like walking, sitting on my backside (preferably in the sun), reading, learning new things, exploring. Currently living in Getxo, Spain. Oh and I’m always hungry. Always. And also I´ve been told I like to talk.  Alot.  Apparently. Blame my aunt.

This blog is me waffling through what’s happening here. Ups, downs, highs, lows, ins, outs, friends, places, food, journeys, holidays, whatever I find I’ll try to remember and note it here.  Just to keep a record of life and if you want to have a nosey, please do!  (Caution – may sometimes overly focus on food as it has always been a passion of mine and now I have the extra padding to prove it, thanks pintxos).



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